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Rice Mill for Sale in Bisonó, Dominican Republic

For sale: 40 years old family owned modern rice mill with1,000+ B2B clients.
- Family run rice mill running profitably for 4 decades. - Supply rice, rice flour, and rice mill byproducts to over 1,000 B2B clients in the Dominican Republic. - The products are sold under our own proprietary B2B brand. - Our clients are Tier-1 retail store chains and food processing companies such as Nestle. - We have a USD denominated contract with Nestle to supply rice flour. - Source the raw rice from 30 suppliers. - The business has strong cashflows and is able to collect 100% of its sales revenue each month. - The promoter's family member who is based out of Spain is handling the transaction and hence can be reached on a Spanish phone number.
For sale: 40 years old family owned modern rice mill with1,000+ B2B clients.
8.4   Bisonó
Run Rate Sales
USD 9 million
0 - 10 %
Business for Sale
USD 10 Mn
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Rice Mill for Sale in Gosaidih, India

For Sale: Rice mill of Buhler and Miltech make with a 12 TPH production capacity.
- Process and sell rice from paddy plants. Own a factory that has a capacity of 12 tons per hour. On a daily basis, the business produces over 200 tons. - Business has over 200 suppliers of paddy plants. Have more than 100 buyers for our products. Products are sold through markets in Delhi and Gurgaon. Over 30% of the final manufactured quantity is exported with 70% being sold internally. Export orders range from 1,000 ton to 3,000 ton. Demand for the products vary extremely. - Run rate sales have dropped due to a decrease orders arising from the restrictions imposed due to the COVID 19 pandemic. - Owner has an outstanding loan of INR 7 crore and has received an OTS settlement on the loan. The outstanding debt will be transferred to the new owner and it has been included in the asking price. - Have hired around 250 workers on a contract basis out of which around 50 workers are skilled. - The value of the physical assets are the entire set up costs and the value of the property. Heavy duty machinery such as boilers, driers, and generators are involved in the transaction. The machine is automatic and of Buhler and Miltech make. - The value of the inventory involved in the transaction is INR 1 - 2 crore.
7.0   Gosaidih
Run Rate Sales
USD 2.4 million
5 %
Business for Sale
USD 3 Mn
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