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Profitable Ship Parts Company Investment Opportunity in Ajman, United Arab Emirates

Company manufacturing ladders for ships and operating across UAE, Bahrain, and KSA seeks investment.
- Manufacturing wooden ladders for ships. - The parts are imported from India and China and assembled in Ajman. - We are dealing with 450 clients including all major potential clients in the similar sector across GCC, - Having 50 percent of growth every year in terms of revenue. - We have 42 full-time employees. We are able to generate the given revenue since the volume of the business is high. - The promoter has over 10 years of experience in this industry.
Company manufacturing ladders for ships and operating across UAE, Bahrain, and KSA seeks investment.
8.1   Ajman
Run Rate Sales
USD 8 million
28 %
Financial Investment
USD 2.7 Mn for 20%
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Ship Parts Company Investment Opportunity in Kolkata, India

Fabrication company with a niche in shipbuilding seeks working capital in exchange for 30% equity.
- Company provides metal fabrication and shipbuilding services. - The fabrication business has 2 regular MNC clients one of which is The Linde Group. - We are also registered vendors for shipbuilding PSUs. - We do job work for PSUs like the Hooghly Cochin Shipyard Limited. - Recently received a work order of INR 8.5 crore to build 5 ships for the Assam CM. The materials and designs are being supplied by the government and we will construct the vessels. - Revenue drastically dropped last year as most of the work was halted due to Covid. We have now received work orders of INR 12+crore. - Workers are employed on a contract basis we have only 15 employees on permanent payroll. - The investor will get a maximum stake of 30% in our company.
5.6   Kolkata
Run Rate Sales
USD 1.4 million
15 %
Financial Investment
USD 600 K for 30%
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Ship Parts Company Seeking Loan in Ernakulam, India

Ship equipment seller that has connections with over 100+ Korean shipbuilding equipment manufacturers.
- We sell ship equipment from abroad to shipyards and ship building companies in India. - Our main clients are shipyards in India and we have more than 5 active clients. - For larger orders we directly contact the manufacturer for supply of products. For smaller orders we buy from the company and sell it to the client. - We have connections with over 100 + ship equipment manufacturing companies in the Korean market. - One of our recent projects was to supply lifeboats to Cochin Shipyard. - Promoter has over 30 years of experience in the field of ship parts. - Company's physical assets mostly includes the inventory.
7.5   Ernakulam
Run Rate Sales
USD 360 thousand
10 %
Business Loan
USD 60 K at 9%
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Profitable Ship Parts Company for Sale in Bhavnagar, India

Marine & industrial automation E-commerce company having over 1,000 clients around the world.
- E-commerce website selling marine and industrial automation machinery and electronics. - Business started operations in 2015. - Have over 12,000 units of inventory currently in hand. - Value of stock in hand is Rs. 40 Crore. - Have 1,000 clients across the world. 2% of our clients are from India. - The website and business is all set up. Staff has been trained well to run operations.
8.4   Bhavnagar
Run Rate Sales
USD 170 thousand
30 - 40 %
Business for Sale
USD 500 K
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Oil Equipment Company Seeking Loan in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Company supplies equipment for ship, deck, engine, general stores, refineries and turnkey projects.
- We are a ship supplies and project supplies company for shipping, oil and gas industries supplying ship parts and spares, refinery components and port and harbor components. - Source our products from 50 supplies spread across countries like UAE, China, India and Germany. - We have 15 clients who procure our products on a regular basis. - Our key clientele include V-Ships, Fleet Ship Management, Oman Shipping, Tristar, Oman Oil Company and Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. - We also work with the United Nations (UN) for their projects in Africa, Lebanon, Syria. - Promoter has over 20 years of experience in relevant field.
Company supplies equipment for ship, deck, engine, general stores, refineries and turnkey projects.
7.5   Dubai
Run Rate Sales
USD 500 thousand
20 %
Business Loan
USD 140 K at 15%
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