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Business Investment Opportunities in Ponta Grossa

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Application Software Company Investment Opportunity in Ponta Grossa, Brazil

Company with subscription-based application software for agribusiness companies seeks funds for its global expansion.
Software developer for agribusiness. - We make a kind of software rental, this contract is valid for at least 1 year. As the data remains within our cloud and it is very difficult for customers not to renew for several years, we have customers older than 4 years. - This model always generates monthly and yearly recurring revenue. - Clients are agronomic research companies and manufacturers of agrochemical products. - We have 60+ clients across the world. - Our clients are large companies in the agrochemical segment. - Our software is a leader in the Brazilian market, but we have financial difficulties investing in the marketing of the product. - The company has three partners, one of the partners owns 6.5%, and the rest is divided between two other partners. - No bank loans, all bills, taxes, and payments are strictly on time.
5.6   Ponta Grossa
Run Rate Sales
USD 550 thousand
40 %
Partial Stake Sale
USD 370 K for 10%
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Lingerie Company Investment Opportunity in Uberlândia, Brazil

Innovative, highly profitable and innovative company with technologies that change the lives of our customers.
Company in the innovative segment with smart fabrics for the beach fashion, fitness fashion, and intimate fashion market. - Launching for this year 2022 our own cosmetics line and our expansion of franchise stores of our brand, as well as the implementation of our fintech financial that will help support our dealer network today with more than 150 registered dealerships. - With our new line of own cosmetics, we are going to meet the needs of our resellers and partner retailers by not having to resell brands other than ours. - With fintech, we will have new gains in products aimed at the financial market, which our resellers today already use in other fintech banks. - We have a representative office in São Paulo and we are strategically moving our office from the Foz do Iguaçu Headquarters in Paraná to the city of Uberlândia in Minas Gerais. - Main highlights: Partnerships with differentiated sales segments, being wholesale with an outsourced office focused on this segment with more than 400 thousand registered customers, partnership with sales through Instagram with a sales company focused on this segment that represents us, partnership with sales modality through of dropshipping with more than 5000 thousand users. - Agile and lean structure, outsourcing process of our production. - We use the most modern smart fabrics and technologies aimed at the well-being of the body of those who use our pieces, such as emana fabrics, natural fibers, and fir magnets among others, and documentation is up to date. - Took a loan of BRL 65,000.00 at the beginning of 2021. The installments are up to date. The amount was used to invest in the company's digital marketing due to the closing of stores due to the pandemic. There is still BRL 50,000.00 outstanding. With monthly installments of BRL 1,900.00. There is no default. Getting paid on time.
Innovative, highly profitable and innovative company with technologies that change the lives of our customers.
6.6   State of Paraná
Run Rate Sales
USD 243 thousand
38 %
Partial Stake Sale
USD 64 K for 25%
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Coffee and Tea Company Investment Opportunity in Brazil

Special green coffee marketing startup seeks funds to scale growth.
Startup involved in the green coffee business. - They use technology to leverage the business. - Business plans to scale the company step by step, aiming for the business to become independent. - Have 100 customers.
7.1   Brazil
Run Rate Sales
USD 9.3 thousand
30 %
Partial Stake Sale
USD 202 K for 35%
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