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An IT Services and Product Development company Inviting Investors for a stake in our company.

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USD 540 thousand for 30.0% stake (Native Currency: INR 40,000,000)
Reason: To pursue growth and increase revenue, launch our customer management platform, open office near our... View More
Includes physical assets worth USD 27 thousand
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Business Overview

- Our business has two arms which are Product Design Services and New Product Development for our market.

- We started out as a Product company but soon delved into Engineering services.

- We provide Product development services, Web and Mobile App development Services to companies from around the world.

- Our Business model is different from our competitors and our focus market is SMEs from around the world.

- We have recently completed the development of a platform for sales and customer interactions (A web App) which eases out the process for potential customers right from posting a requirement and later take forward discussions to awarding and managing the project execution.

- Our Development methodology, which we call design block implementation, is tuned around efficiently enabling us to develop complex products at a fraction of cost and time otherwise needed.

- The model focuses on driving profitability through a larger number of smaller transactions.

- Since inception we have completed over 100+ services. Around 80% of our clients are based in the US and the rest are from UK, Brazil and Europe. Currently we have 10 active clients. Business up to this stage were through conventional channels and we are trying to launch the Web-app.

- Investments sought shall be used for launching the Web-app, Sales and Marketing support and to open a Sale office in the US.

- During the years we engaged in various in-house R&D projects and developed various concepts suitable for our market.

- Two products are nearing completion of development and we have fully functional prototypes ready for demonstration and testing. These are Mobile App based products and are planned to be deployed as SaaS products for our local market.

- The products are 1) Mobile based retail billing and Inventory management application 2) HR function automation application.

- We have designed and developed several hardware components such as Fingerprint / RFID Access control, Bar code scanner, Weighing scale and Bill / Invoice Printers integrated into the ecosystem.

- The product is a mobile application with hardware components such as bar code scanner and weighing scale integrated into the ecosystem. These augment our Mobile apps and helps us achieve greater efficiency at a fraction of cost otherwise needed for similar implementation.

- We have completely developed the mobile app and most of the hardware components of the ecosystem. We are ready for deployment and load testing of the same. Few of the hardware components are in advanced stages of development and functional testing.

- The hardware components are 95% complete and we will soon have a finalized product for manufacturing. Currently there are fully functional prototypes.

- The Billing and Inventory management product is intended to be used in the general retail industry, especially for the unorganized sector. Our business model is unique and has multiple streams of revenue including some unexplored yet exciting concepts.

- We dream about deploying our solution in millions of small Mom and Pop retail stores from around the country and other growing markets by lowering the cost of ownership and enhancing the value created by partnering with us.

- The HR function automation App is for SMEs from around the world and is inspired from our own plight of getting one for ourselves.

- Company's physical assets include 10 workstations, few laptops, electronic components and soldering station. The companies IP assets includes several concepts in development and ones completed as products, processes, know how and experience.

- We wish to pursue Investment for this stream of business as well and shall be used to fund deployment testing, load testing, design finalization, mass production of hardware components and then spin out as a different entity with further investment for explosive growth.

Products & Services Overview

Product design, Electronic hardware engineering, Mobile app development, Software development, Website and Web-app development.

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Disclaimer: SMERGERS is a regulated marketplace for connecting business sell sides with investors, buyers, lenders and advisors. Neither SMERGERS represents nor guarantees that the information mentioned above is complete or correct.
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