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Fast Food Restaurant for Sale in Mount Pleasant, United States

Quick service franchise serving pitas and salads running the franchise since 2002.
We are running the franchise unit since 2002 serving pitas, salads, chips and others. - Consistent year over year growth for the last five years. Has slowed in the last year or so due to substantial corporately mandated changes. - Working relationship with local gym owner, other small business owners and chamber of commerce which makes for a robust customer base to build upon.
Quick service franchise serving pitas and salads running the franchise since 2002.
7.1   Mount Pleasant
Run Rate Sales
USD 360 thousand
0 - 10 %
Business for Sale
USD 100 K
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Machining Business for Sale in Michigan, United States

For sale: Well-known shop providing machining and other related services located in Michigan.
30 year old business. - The business provides machining services, and also services in welding and light metal fabrication. - Well known the the locality and has established long-term customers. - Business recently bagged a purchase order to provide machining services for a well known customer. - This project will earn about $40,000 in revenue per year for 20 years.
For sale: Well-known shop providing machining and other related services located in Michigan.
7.3   Michigan
Run Rate Sales
USD 587 thousand
21 %
Business for Sale
USD 400 K
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Cleaning Supplies Company for Sale in Canada

Exclusive licenses for sale in Canadian and US cities.
The company has served clients all over Canada & the US. Experiencing rapid growth (25% YTD). - This company offers best-in-class products that reduce slip and fall injuries around swimming pools, in restaurants, commercial kitchens, hotel lobbies, fitness facilities, etc. - Business has earned an enviable reputation for being responsive, courteous, and reliable. - Customer service has been paramount, and the company is committed to providing the highest quality, trademarked and government-approved, anti-slip, and cleaning products available anywhere. - The transaction includes the sale of territory licenses and inventory. - Multiple territory purchases are available at substantial discounts compared to single territory purchases. This business earns revenue in multiple ways: 1. Annual application of industry-leading anti-slip product - 35% 2. Daily cleaning with highly effective, low-cost, multi-purpose cleaner - 8% 3. Annual/quarterly rejuvenation and enhancement of anti-slip - 35% 4. Calcium removal/efflorescence removal - 15% 5. Other 8%
8.6   United States
Run Rate Sales
USD 88 thousand
30 - 40 %
Business for Sale
USD 18.4 K
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Profitable Enterprise Software Company for Sale in United States

For Sale: Company furnishing furnishes end-to-end solutions for logistics, warehousing, fulfillment, and order management operations.
The company is a team of supply chain experts, led by a seasoned technology executive, who furnish end-to-end solutions with a core focus on seamless systems integration, implementation, product development, and real-time support. - Company offers cutting edge technology-based solutions, with specialization in Manhattan Associates suites of products, using in-house automation and custom configurations to help customers in optimize end results, reducing costs in all aspects of logistics, warehouse, fulfillment, and order management operations. - Primary target market is any company moving inventory that needs solutions in all aspects of logistics, warehouse, fulfillment, and order management operations. - The company currently does no marketing. They rely on LinkedIn, networking, and referrals. The company is currently working on its website, a social media campaign, and SEO. - The firm is well-positioned to provide a stable and profitable platform for growth. The services part of the business has a good profit margin. There is an opportunity in the product development part of the business. - Has solid relationships in the industry and a great team comprised of experienced industry veterans and up-and-coming talent. - Have 11 full-time staff in U. S. plus 1 contractor, 3 full-time employees in Canada, and 11 full-time employees in India.
9   United States
Run Rate Sales
USD 4 million
40 %
Business for Sale
USD 13 Mn
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