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Businesses Seeking Loan in Banda Aceh

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Profitable Ecommerce Website Seeking Loan in Banda Aceh, Indonesia

Back a growing online store with 1,000+ SKUs and USD 13,000 in monthly sales.
Mobile app online store selling over a thousand products and services. - We get revenue from the markup margin for each product/service that we sell (essentially a commission). - Sales mentioned in the profile is not our GMV but our actual revenue. - We sell through our Android application, and our customers are all over Indonesia. - This business is very good among teenagers. - It's like an e-commerce business it's just that we also sell internet data refills and game vouchers.
Back a growing online store with 1,000+ SKUs and USD 13,000 in monthly sales.
6   Banda Aceh
Run Rate Sales
USD 112 thousand
20 - 30 %
Business Loan
USD 186 K at 14%
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Travel Agency Seeking Loan in Aceh, Indonesia

Well-established travel agency with car rental and tourism services with IDR 200-500 million monthly revenue.
We are a travel agent/bureau and provide car rental to our clients. - Monthly revenue ranges from IDR 200-500 million, with the majority of the income coming from tourist packages and car rentals. - The business has contracts with car owners for the rental business and serves 50 to 100 clients monthly, primarily from locations such as Aceh, Pekan Baru, and Medan in Malaysia. - The company caters to a wide range of clients, including government agencies, schools, and the general public, showcasing a diverse and stable customer base. - The business owns physical assets including two cars worth 600 million and a building worth IDR 300 million, with plans to acquire a new office building worth IDR 1 billion. - The company holds a company license certificate for its operations, indicating legal compliance and regulatory adherence. - The business plans to expand its service offerings to include Umrah, demonstrating a proactive approach to meet consumer demand and diversify its revenue streams.
Well-established travel agency with car rental and tourism services with IDR 200-500 million monthly revenue.
6   Aceh
Run Rate Sales
USD 370 thousand
20 - 30 %
Business Loan
USD 124 K at 15%
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Profitable Clinic Seeking Loan in Indonesia

Established clinic in Indonesia receiving 500 patients per month seeking funding to open a hospital.
The business offers health services and also sells medicines through its clinics and pharmacies. - Business has collaborated with BPJS Health in Indonesia and is accredited by the Indonesian Ministry of Health, demonstrating its commitment to quality and compliance within the industry. - We receive monthly visits of about 500 patients currently. - The business has a team of 15 employees including doctors, nurses, midwives, and laboratory staff. - Business has two clinic units and a pharmacy, with 10 inpatient rooms. - It has an emergency room, doctor's room, action room, laboratory room, pharmacy room, medical records room, nurse's room, waiting room, and delivery room, providing comprehensive facilities for patient care.
6.9   Indonesia
Run Rate Sales
USD 75 thousand
40 %
Business Loan
USD 1.86 Mn at 10%
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