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Businesses Seeking Loan in Jushpur

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Vehicle Rental Company Seeking Loan in Jushpur, India

Vehicle Rental services company working with government, corporate and individual clients.
We offer vehicles for rent to government, corporate and individual customers. Started our service in 2013 under sole proprietorship and incorporated as a private limited company in 2019. - Have worked with more than 15 government and private offices in Chhattisgarh. Currently, we have one government client and serving individual customers based in Jashpur. - Receive more than 200 monthly inquiries, through social media channels and direct marketing. We own a fleet of 11 vehicles and have a network of 30 drivers working on contract. - Promoters have more than 7 years experience in travel sector.
5.9   Jushpur
Run Rate Sales
USD 65 thousand
20 %
Business Loan
USD 24 K at 12%
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Film Production Business Seeking Loan in Chhattisgarh, India

Live concert organizer & digital-media producer that's conducted 100+ events and entertained 10 lakh+ audiences.
We organize concert and host multiple exhibitions for companies. - Have conducted over 100+ concerts globally. - Our marquee corporate clients are: TATA, JSW and Radio Mirchi. - Over the years we have entertained more than 10 Lakh audiences. - We also produce & distribute movies, web series, short films for india and worldwide for big screens, TV & OTT platforms. - Founder of the company has 12 years of experience.
7.4   Chhattisgarh
Run Rate Sales
USD 720 thousand
15 %
Business Loan
USD 240 K at 10%
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Microfinance Company Seeking Loan in India

Microfinancing business lending to 80,000+ women entrepreneurs in the low-income group across India.
Microfinancing company promoted by a group of accomplished individuals with nearly 120 years of cumulative experience in running financial services. - Lends to women entrepreneurs in the low-income category. These women are typically equipped with skills to take up sustainable micro-businesses, and access to timely funds is transforming lives. - Have 80,000+ cumulative loan members (all women) with a 99 % on-time repayment rate. (Due to Covid the current collection rate is around 85% + and is expected to reach 99% by the end of the year. ) - Has distributed INR 2,000 million+ (cumulative loans) and current outstanding portfolio of INR 500 million. - Has a model that enables a group of individuals (usually five) to take loans for income-generating activity by forming a group, wherein group members guarantee each other's loans. - Has own ERP system which gives adequate MIS data for - Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR), Liquidity Risk Management, Interest Rate Coverage, Debt Equity Ratio and Reports relating to day-to-day activities of branches. - Approach post disbursement: Program monitoring and supervision: If required, providing the additional top-up loans. Women entrepreneurs are covered by microinsurance. - Loans ranging from INR 20,000 (USD 300) to INR 60,000 (USD 900) with up to 24 months repayment duration and monthly EMI and 22% rate of interest. - Have a license from RBI for micro-financing.
7.8   India
Run Rate Sales
USD 1.43 million
7 %
Business Loan
USD 600 K at 12%
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