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Iron Ore Mining Company Investment Opportunity in Bhubaneswar, India

Hyderbad based mineral trading &mining company dealing with iron ore and laterite is seeking investment.
A mineral trading and mining company primarily dealing with iron ore and laterite / bauxite ores is seeking investment in Hyderabad. Company was started with an initiative of doing domestic supply and export of iron ore and Laterite / Bauxite minerals. Company has trade licenses in Orissa and Jharkhand for performing iron ore trade in domestic and export markets. Company is working on acquiring laterite / bauxite mines for raising contract. Company's strength is the trade licenses and strong local network with the mines and steel companies in India and for export. Some of the client list includes TATA, Jindal, Electrosteel, Jai Balaji, Rashmi Metalics, Hi Tech Steel and Power, Crackers India etc. Most of the product is sold domestically and the company is not able to maintain export demands. In 2 years company has sold about 15,000 tonnes of ore. Company has got a new mining contract for a Bauxite mine in Jharkhand. The mining period is for 20 years and the 50 acres of mines is set to have reserves in excess of 5 lakh tonnes. Company is one among 5 other companies to have obtained the permission to mine. Company's primary sales contributor is the 63 Grade Hybrid iron ore which has a market price of Rs 2300 per ton. Company is looking for investment of 4 Cr to expand its iron ore business and a further 5 Cr for its laterite / bauxite mines.
6.8   Bhubaneswar
Run Rate Sales
USD 230 thousand
12 %
Financial Investment
USD 1.6 million
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