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Newly Established Bottled Water Company Investment Opportunity in Dzalisi, Georgia

Setting up a water bottling plant in Dzalisi by using low mineralized underground water deposit.
- Our project is to setup non-carbonated, low mineralised water bottling enterprise in Dzalisi village with distribution network built in Tbilisi. - The main resource and basis for the project development is Dzalisi underground water deposit, which is located within the well known underground water basin of Mukhrani Valley. - Water from the deposit is well known because of high organoleptic characteristics of water, significant resources, stable chemical composition. - Main idea of proposed development is to cover water consumers in houses through provision of good quality products and services with end point delivery. - Water coolers, dispensers will be provided to consumers consuming large quantities. - Gallons of water will be mainly delivered to the newly built multi-apartment living blocks. - Hydrogeological work has already been carried out. - The borehole will be drilled with depth of 150 - 200 meters and with sealed casing in upper 80 meters. This will ensure extraction of the water from the deep water containing layers and will ensure adequate natural protection of the aquifer. - The deposit is located between the main highway and railway station ensuring the ease usage of railway line and motorway network. - We already have a land of 6,300 square meters with a 4 floors building.
8.4   Dzalisi , Mtskheta-Mtianeti
Run Rate Sales
Operating at break even
Financial Investment
USD 600 thousand for 50% stake
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