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FinTech Company Investment Opportunity in Bangalore, India

Innovative patented banking deposit software and separately patented security feature through Artificial Intelligence.
- We have developed a unique Flexible Deposit which was curated by 12 banks. We are on POC stage now with major banks. - We are in the process of showing a demo & POC to one of the system integrator. The revenue discussed with them comes to over US$ 2 Billion, Approx: ( 250.000 x 9,000 ) - We have also spoken to SAP, which was an ex company of one of the founder. - SAP has more than 14,100 banks running on their software. - If our deposits were to be integrated with SAP and if we take a discounted price of US$ 250,000 for 14,000 banks it gives us a revenue of more than US$ 3 Billion. - This is just the License fees for a one-off sale. If sold under License each year it would be much more. Implementation, Customization, etc. are earnings over the above the License Fees. - We would also be patenting our Security Feature which can applied to any device whatsoever be it a Laptop, Server or Mobile. This would be the 2nd Patent for Deposits. - Our Security feature can be sold separately and it has a much more bigger market than Deposits. We are having it done through Artificial Intelligence ( AI ). - We need funds for POC, App Development and working capital.
8.0   Bangalore
Run Rate Sales
Operating at break even
Financial Investment
USD 80 thousand for 5% stake
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