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Newly Established Medical Software Company Investment Opportunity in Columbus, United States

Company offers solution connecting healthcare agencies with healthcare professionals, serving more than 5 agencies.
- Newly established company having developed a software which connects healthcare agencies and healthcare professionals. - Healthcare Agencies: It helps healthcare agencies to verify on boarding and schedule of employees. Basically it is a SaaS platform which helps agencies track employee performance data, employee records, appraisal chart and also helps track patient visits. We have a monthly subscription plans for agencies- Basic, Delux, Premium, Professional. Have 5 agencies registered with us. - Healthcare professionals / Caregivers: We have developed a mobile app for caregivers which has more than 100 downloads. Caregivers can instantly access jobs posted by agencies. They can choose patient visits based on their skills and schedule. They can track and get instant payments from agencies directly to their account based on the job they choose. Have more than 100 healthcare professional registered with us. - We have a team of 50 in India that do all the coding and programming. We have a manager who handles the operations there and we always talk on Skype and share screen to see project's progress level. - Promoter has over 10 years of IT experience.
8.0   Columbus
Run Rate Sales
USD 14.4 thousand
7 %
Financial Investment
USD 50 thousand for 20% stake
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Healthcare Services Company Investment Opportunity in Delhi, India

Creating an Uber in Healthcare, winning management team from Health-Technology with big customer base globally.
Our aim is to create world's largest health search engine. Our platform will act like a virtual hospital / clinic which will provide features like doctor discovery, consultation, surgeries treatment and lot more. All these features are driven by artificial intelligence, big data, quality treatment outcome per procedure. There are many unique functionality which are in most demand. Our Startup Growth Driver: 1) Disruption & Innovation: Easy Accessible, affordable, balancing supply & Demand, Patient centric platform helping benefiting to Billions of Patients worldwide. Disrupting Mobile Health (mhealth, ehealth) with wide range of medical services including chronic Diseases (all types of Cancer, Diabetes & Heart). 2) Technology: Cutting edge AI (DL), Big Data Science, Data Analytics, Neural Network applying on Healthcare platform including for Cancer and others. 3) Quality: Redefining Treatment outcome & Quality of Delivery. 4) Team: We have a diverse team having at least 20 years of experience in this industry. 5) Strength: Our strong industry experience & large global network of customer base (partnered with top global leading hospitals & large corporate accounts are our several billion dollars assets. 6) Business Execution: Concept to commercialization guru (seed to growth to revenue to sustainable growth stages) many of those international start up are transformed into several Tens of millions dollar Global company, few public company. One of the first few Indian Healthcare Technology Professional to launch successfully many disruptive Innovative Health Technology in India & Global market, The Founder & CEO is among top 5% Impactful Global Health Technology Professional.
7.2   Delhi
Run Rate Sales
20 %
Financial Investment
USD 200 thousand for 7% stake
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