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A profile on SMERGERS seems to be of my company, but I haven't created one. How do I report such an issue?

While we take appropriate measures to ensure only authorized personnel upload profiles on SMERGERS, it is important to understand that the content written on profiles is mostly user-generated and sometimes may infringe on others' copyrights. Before you reach out to us, please talk to all stakeholders in your company including other directors, investors, authorized employees, advisors engaged, etc, to check if they have listed the profile on your behalf on SMERGERS, as many a times such miscommunication leads to unnecessary emails with SMERGERS. 
After confirming with all stakeholders, if you still have a reason to believe that your company's details have been listed on SMERGERS by unauthorized personnel, you can report the same on from your official email address with the following details:
1. Link to the profile on SMERGERS which you believe represents your company
2. Specific details (photos, text, etc) which match your company
3. Proof of such matching details on your company's website or documents
4. Your name, designation and company's name
Once submitted, our analysts will verify the same and take necessary action. If there is reason for us to believe that such a profile indeed violates your copyright, we put the profile on hold and request the user to send us proof of authorization to reopen the profile. It is in our best interest to ensure only authorized personnel use SMERGERS, but if our analysts believe that the user's profile does not represent your company, we may allow the profile to continue on our website, with or without modifications. Please note that, unless there is a legal requirement, we will be unable to share details of who listed the profile in the first place because of privacy reasons.

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