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Closing the deal    

Please note, changes to billing details and addition of tax numbers are allowed only once and only in the same month the payment was made. Login to your dashboard, and click on the "Update".. Continue reading

Login to your dashboard and click on the "Close" button on the profile which you would like to close. Refer to the image below: Kindly note, closing a profile does not mean that we.. Continue reading

Yes, once the deal is successfully closed, as per T&C, both the investor/acquire/advisor and the business should promptly disclose in absolute good faith the correct transaction.. Continue reading

Once the introduction has been made on the platform, the onus of taking the discussion forward & successfully closing the deal rests with the business owner and the acquirer /.. Continue reading

Typically the most important problems in your profile will be listed on your dashboard. First thing you need to do is to check your dashboard to see if there are any suggestions mentioned.. Continue reading

1% Finder’s fee or INR 10,000 (or USD 150), whichever is higher, plus taxes would be applicable on the total amount invested as per the contractual agreement executed between both.. Continue reading

1% finder's fee is applicable at all points of time if the deal is closed with an introduction made by SMERGERS, irrespective of whether the profile is live or.. Continue reading

SMERGERS is a discovery and matchmaking platform with global reach. It helps in connecting Businesses, Investors, Acquirers, Lenders, M&A Advisors and Boutique Investment Banks across.. Continue reading

We request you to send us your question over email ( so the appropriate team can revert to you with proper resolution or contact you over phone to clarify your doubts. It would be.. Continue reading

Deals close because of various reasons and no one can provide any guarantee of a successful deal closure. If anyone does, you need to be taking that with a pinch of salt. SMERGERS is a platform which.. Continue reading

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