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This means that the profile owner is now no longer interested in pursuing the transaction. This could be because of a variety of reasons including, but not limited to, successful deal closure with.. Continue reading

No, it does not. The system is designed in such a way that no credits are utilised when a member accepts a proposal. To check the same, you can visit your Dashboard > Introductions.. Continue reading

Account managers will be your single point of contact for all queries related to your profile and subscription. They will be available to you over email and phone during business hours. They.. Continue reading

Adding billing details and tax numbers are allowed only once and only in the same month the payment was made. Login to your dashboard, and click on the "Update" button below your summary on the.. Continue reading

Once the introduction has been made on the platform, the onus of taking the discussion forward & successfully closing the deal rests with the business owner and the acquirer / investor. SMERGERS.. Continue reading

We request you to send us your question over email ( so the appropriate team can revert to you with proper resolution or contact you over the phone to clarify your doubts. It would.. Continue reading

Run rate sales as a concept is used to arrive at an estimated annual sales based on most recent monthly sales. It helps in forecasting sales for the complete year if the business continues to.. Continue reading

Business working capital loan is a type of loan which is provided to fund the day to day operations of the business. Most businesses have different cycles of production, sales and payments. This.. Continue reading

Acquiring bankrupt businesses for sale is a commonly followed strategy by turnaround specialists as they tend to be available at subsidized valuations. Such companies could have a healthy operational.. Continue reading

Typically a business would take anywhere between 2 – 24 months to execute the sale transaction. But businesses selling out within 2 weeks itself is not unheard of. To hasten the process of selling.. Continue reading

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