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Yes, you can delete messages sent by you. Visit the inbox page of the introduced member, identify the message that you want to delete, and click on the red "X" icon on the top right corner of the.. continue reading
We regularly scrutinize profiles, and depending on the results of our routine checks and input from users of the platform, your profile may be flagged for a re-verification. It will remain in the.. continue reading
Once a profile is closed we mark the transaction has closed and remove it from search engine indexing. But Google and other search engines may still retain it and show the results for a while which.. continue reading
SMERGERS Finder's fee would be applicable as soon as a definitive agreement is reached between the parties or on receipt of the first tranche of payment, whichever is earlier. In cases where the.. continue reading
SMERGERS is an online marketplace that connects businesses, investors, franchises and advisors. While we carry out basic checks on profiles that go live on the platform, the final responsibility of.. continue reading
The profile picture is picked up automatically from your social login. To edit it please login to your Dashboard and click the Edit icon at the bottom right of your photo as shown below and select an.. continue reading
You can connect LinkedIn, Facebook and Google accounts to your SMERGERS account by logging on to your dashboard and clicking on the links shown below. Logging into SMERGERS using your social account.. continue reading
All introductions that you no longer wish to pursue or have been concluded can be archived by clicking on the "Archive" button on the bottom left of the introduction card as shown below. All archived.. continue reading
If you accidentally unsubscribed to all emails from SMERGERS, you can resubscribe by logging in to your dashboard. Click on "Edit" next to "Email Preferences" on your profile card. Under the.. continue reading
Changing a specific invoice is possible only if you have not already saved it and only in the same month the payment was made. To edit your invoice, log in to your dashboard and click on the top.. continue reading
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