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Please explain the terms used in a Franchise profile

Space Required: The physical area required to set up a franchise outlet or office space. Typically specified as a range.
Brand Fee: A fee charged by the franchise brand owner to the franchise investor that permits the investor to operate under the brand name. This fee may either be a one time expense or be charged on a periodic basis.
Total Investment: An all-inclusive estimated cost of setting up a franchise outlet or office. The investment amount always includes the brand fee, cost of the office setup, cost of the outlet setup, legal and compliance costs, marketing costs, and other incidental start-up costs which includes employee salaries, and inventory costs. Typically specified as a range to account for circumstantial variables.
Royalty/Commission paid: Royalty is the recurring fee paid by the franchise investor to the franchise brand owner for the right to sell the brand’s products or services. In this scenario, the franchise investor collects the entire revenue and then pays the franchise brand owner a royalty fee.
Commission: Commission is the fee paid by the franchise brand owner to the franchise investor. In this scenario, either the franchise brand owner collects the entire revenue directly or the franchise investor collects the entire revenue and then remits either the entire revenue or the cost of the products sold/services rendered to the franchise brand owner. The franchise brand owner then compensates the franchise investor in the form of a commission for having sold its products or services.
Both royalty and commission can either be a fixed recurring fee or specified as a percentage of the monthly or annual revenue.
Monthly sales per franchise: The monthly sales per franchise is the estimated gross revenue that the franchise outlet is expected to generate in one month of operations. If the franchise brand owner already has similar outlets that are operational, the estimated monthly sales per franchise is expected to be in line with the average monthly revenue generated by the existing outlets similar to the franchise outlet.
Profit Margin: This is the estimated pre-tax profit a franchise investor is expected to make. This margin accounts for the cost of goods sold and/or the cost of the services rendered, operational expenses including rent, utility bills, and salaries, and the royalty fee or commission received as applicable.

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