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What are the ROC-Verification.pdf and Domain-Verification.pdf documents that I see on my business profile? I haven't uploaded them.

These are the documents that are automatically generated by SMERGERS at the time of profile approval, depending on the information available. These documents provide potential investors with further information about the credibility of the business. Profile owners can access these documents via their Edit page and also choose to delete them if required.

ROC-Verification.pdf - This report compiles data from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) regarding public limited, private limited, and limited liability partnership companies that are registered in India.

Domain-Verification.pdf - The document contains the website ranking from SimilarWeb and Domain Authority from Moz which is an approximate indicator of a website's popularity. Note that this document is generated only if the user provides us with their website information and also has a good traffic ranking.

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