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7.6 / 10  ·  Established in 2008, 17 Franchisees currently, Headquartered in Visakhapatnam

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Format Investment Brand Fee Space Staff Exp. Monthly Sales Profit Margin Royalty
Be - First USD 2.7 - 4.3 thousand USD 670 800 - 1,000 Sq Ft 5 USD 800 50% 15% of sales
Standard USD 6.7 - 8 thousand USD 670 1,500 - 1,800 Sq Ft 7 USD 1.1 thousand 50% 15% of sales
Star Franchise USD 13.3 - 16 thousand USD 1.3 thousand 1,800 - 2,000 Sq Ft 8 USD 1.8 thousand 50% 15% of sales
Format Name Be - First Standard Star Franchise
Investment USD 2.7 - 4.3 thousand USD 6.7 - 8 thousand USD 13.3 - 16 thousand
Brand Fee USD 670 USD 670 USD 1.3 thousand
Space 800 - 1,000 Sq Ft 1,500 - 1,800 Sq Ft 1,800 - 2,000 Sq Ft
Staff 5 7 8
Expected Monthly Sales USD 800 USD 1.1 thousand USD 1.8 thousand
Profit Margin 50% 50% 50%
Royalty / Commission 15% of sales 15% of sales 15% of sales



About Academy Of Robotics

Academy of Robotics Pvt. Ltd. brings robotics education to students of all ages. We have have a strong R&D center which prepares curriculum, content and technology needed to teach anyone who is interested in Robotics. We were incorporated in the year 2008 and we worked on building the curriculum and core technology for a period of 2 years. Since 2010 we have started teaching and accelerated our operations. Today we have about 11 franchises and we are looking to grow across the country and depart this knowledge.

Products and Services

We are a technology oriented company adapting to the latest developments in the fast paced robotics field. Our R&D team works hard to keep the curriculum and labs updated with these developments.

In our retail segment, we will be catering to students who will be joining us as a hobby and enrolling with us for year long program. On the other hand, corporate strategy involves partnering with Colleges, Engineering / Diploma colleges and Companies looking for training in robotics field.

The curriculum for school is tailored to suit the requirements of NCERT, Cambridge University and the Australian board of education.

When schools have vacations, we work with engineering students helping them build robots and work on embedded projects and circuits programming. We also have several career oriented sessions for engineering students.


1. Robotic Education to the Children.

2. Robotic Resources to the enthusiastic.

3. Robotics Awareness Camps across the State and Country.

4. World Class Robo Labs.

5. International & Rare Robo Kits Availability.

6. Academic Training and Invention Recognition.

7. Scholarship Training to the underprivileged.

8. Animal Protection & welfare under the CSR Project.

9. Voluntary Blood Donation Camps through CSR Project.

10. Turn Key Solution to start Franchisee centres in various geographical locations.

Initiating Schools and Colleges to setup Robo Labs for students.

11. Initiation towards Rotary Clubs of India for the underprivileged, down trodden and up-lift them through education in India.

Franchise USP

This is a market in which there aren't that many players as of yet, so it makes it all the more attractive an industry to enter.

Preferred Locations


How to get Academy Of Robotics Franchise?

Once interested, you will be send the complete documentation about the Opportunity in this segment, and our USP and other financial and technical related documents. And the process includes LOI, Slot Booking, Ordering material, Training and Going Live.

What are some of the things we look for in a Franchisee?

Given that most of the technology and R&D is taken care of at our head quarters. We expect the franchisee promoter to run the operations in a very efficient manner. The skills we need primarily are -

1. Marketing, how can the promoter get more business to his center.

2. Public relations - This will decide how the promoter will strike deals with schools and other organizations.

While setting up a franchise involves some capital requirement, to make way for entrepreneurial promoters with less capital, we have modeled our franchise such that anyone can start with a capital as small as 2 Lakhs and upgrade to larger centers as they grow.

Support you can expect from the company

Different from other businesses.

Class to class modules will be included.

We take care of the hiring and training of employees.

Customization - we take care of all customization. This means that if a particular school or corporate wants a particular course / subject to be taught, we can tailor-make these to suit their needs.

Regular updates to hardware, labs, curriculum - R&D takes care of all this.

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