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SUMSUM 8.6 /10

2016 Estd  ·  6 Franchisees  ·  Miami HQ  ·  Listed By Business Owner / Director
This Company is on a Premium Plan
All Formats
Format Investment including Brand Fee Brand Fee Space Staff Exp. Monthly Sales Profit Margin Royalty
SUM SUM USD 150 - 250 thousand USD 25 thousand 500 - 1,000 Sq Ft 5 USD 70 thousand 25% 3% on monthly sales.
Format Name SUM SUM
Investment USD 150 - 250 thousand
Brand Fee USD 25 thousand
Space 500 - 1,000 Sq Ft
Staff 5
Expected Monthly Sales USD 70 thousand
Profit Margin 25%
Royalty / Commission 3% on monthly sales.
SUMSUM was founded 8 years ago and opened its first store in Amsterdam on the lively Heiligeweg street.
SUMSUM stores offer unique premium Middle Eastern Confectionary. Our Sesame-based products’ quality and flavors are nowhere to be found. Our products include Halva, Tahini, Covered nuts, and Premium Tea Fusions.
Owning a SUMSUM store means having the most stand-out store in your area. The design and the assortment are like no other store.
SUMSUM franchise will offer its rich experience in retail and marketing to our franchisees with the supply of SUMSUM premium products.
Currently, SUMSUM has 2 stores in the US and stores in Amsterdam, London, Hawaii and Germany.
- Seasonality.
Generally, in Europe and the US, retail revenues of the second half of the year comprise 60% of total annual revenues. This is due to the increased sales in the summer and in the holiday season. In Dubai and Kuwait, retail revenues are more evenly distributed during the year. This is due to the more comfortable weather and the higher concentration of retail in shopping malls.
- Business Strategy: Expanding in the US to obtain a strong foothold.
Since SUMSUM’s management has extensive and successful experience in the US retail market, it was decided that the US would be the natural route for expansion.
- Wholesaling to retail chains.
SUMSUM recognizes the organic food retail chains, such as Whole Foods and Trader Joe's, as a major growth factor. This might require a partnership with an acquainted figure in the retail space. Since there is a risk that the premium prices of SUMSUM stores will be affected, products sold via retail chains will be under a separate brand, to disassociate between the SUMSUM franchise brand and the wholesale brand.
- Online Store and e-Commerce.
As part of SUMSUM's strategy to reach a larger audience, SUMSUM has an online store and is in the final stages of opening a store on Amazon. The stores will be a complimentary channel to the traditional brick-and-mortar channel. It is expected that the online store and the Amazon store will be more lucrative in the US, due to the higher usage of US customers in online channels in comparison to other regions.
- In-house – Manufacturing & Packaging in the US: Halva factory in the US.
As part of the extensive expenditure to the US via retail stores (franchise and self-owned), e-commerce, and wholesaling to retail chains, it is a necessity to establish a Halva factory in the US.
Subject to minimal volumes, the US Halva factory will:
- Reduce immensely shipping costs;
- Gain SUMSUM full control of inventory and product development;
- Enable the wholesale operation of large retail chains; and.
- Allow higher growth in franchise stores by eliminating logistics barriers.
- Expenditure of product portfolio.
- Development of new products.
SUMSUM is a continuous effort to expand its portfolio of Halva and Tahini products in its stores. This will be easily achieved at an in-house factory.
- Embedding 3rd party complementary products.
SUMSUM is collaborating with 3rd party suppliers of confectionary and savory products that complement the SUMSUM assortment. The main focus is date-based products and sesame-based products, which have a long shelf life and are a natural fit for SUMSUM’s product portfolio.
- Franchising in the US, Dubai, and Kuwait.
As SUMSUM launched its franchise store in Hawaii and Philadelphia, the franchise is on the verge of engaging with 2 master franchises in Dubai and Kuwait and expanding the Hawaii franchise in Hawaii and other states in the US. The agreement denotes the terms for the opening of several potential franchise stores.
- The mentioned sales figures for the franchise format are based on our existing sales. These figures are based on an assumption of getting 40 to 50 customers in a day.
The promoter is based out of Israel and the company is registered in Miami, USA.
The business is fully compliant with all necessary certificates and licenses.
Products and Services
Our Products.
1) Halva.
Halva candy is based on a combination of sesame, vegetable fat, lemon, and sugar. There are many types of halva. Halva has several geographical sources, ranging from Pakistan and Iran to Belarus and Ukraine. Turkey is considered a national consumer.
Halva is produced by mixing the components: tahini, glucose syrup, sugar, and sometimes extract of lye (Saponaria), at a temperature of 120 ° C while mixing multi-directional. After cooking it’s poured into the Halva molds and after cooling it's ready for consumption.
Halva, despite being rich in calories, is a healthy snack much more than other sweets, such as chocolate and candy. Halva is a sweet version of Tahini, and so it has many nutritional benefits. Halva has omega oils which are healthy for your skin. Halva is a highly nutritious and sophisticated ancient homemade sweet dessert. Halva can be consumed for breakfast as a supplement, as a dessert in the shape of cookies, cake, or ice cream, after lunch or dinner treat with coffee and tea, or in combination with a digestif.
Halva is the most lucrative product in the SUMSUM store. Approximately 70% of revenues are attributed to Halva. The Halva is sold by the gram and arrives at the store in cakes of 5kg each. SUMSUM offers more than 40 flavors of Halva, while the most popular flavors are pistachio, berries, espresso, and whiskey.
2) Tea.
Tea is mainly sold in packages of 150-250 grams containing dry tea leaves with a shelf life of over 12 months. The store also sells Tea accessories such as filters, cups, and teapots. Approximately 25% of revenues is attributed to Tea and accessories.
3) Covered nuts.
Covered nuts are the ultimate snacking experience with these irresistibly crunchy nuts that are freshly roasted and coated in delectable sweet sesame halva. This delightful combination creates the perfect treat for satisfying your sweet tooth or gifting to your favorite halva nut.
4) Tahini.
Tahini is made of sesame seeds peeled, washed, and ground in the millstone. Tahini is an exquisite sesame paste that can be used as salad dressing or sauce drizzled over meat, fish, or vegetables, even as a standalone dish. SUMSUM offers different flavors of tahini to blend with sweet and savory dishes. Tahini is the second most important ingredient in hummus, right after chickpeas.
Tahini is mainly sold in jars of 180 grams with a shelf life of 6 months. Less than 10% of revenues is attributed to Tahini.
The average ticket size in our stores on weekdays is USD 40 and goes up to USD 60 on weekends.
Preferred Locations
United States, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Bahrain.
How to get SUMSUM Franchise?
Connect with us on SMERGERS and we will guide you through the process.
What are some of the things we look for in a Franchisee?
- Must be knowledgeable and experienced in the operations of the retail field.
- Should have good communication and management skills.
Support you can expect from the company
- Will help in finding the perfect location for setting up the shop.
- Training will be provided.
- The franchisee will receive full assistance from our design and marketing teams from inception to everyday activity.
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    • When was SUMSUM established?
      SUMSUM was established in 2016 in Miami and is reported to have 6 Franchisees currently
    • What is the investment required to take up SUMSUM Franchisee?
      Investment required ranges from USD 150 thousand - 250 thousand depending on the format offered.
    • What is the space requirement for taking up SUMSUM Franchisee?
      Space required ranges from 500 - 1000 sq ft depending on the format.
    • What Franchisee formats does SUMSUM offer?
      SUMSUM offers 1 format, i.e SUM SUM.
    • How to get SUMSUM Franchisee?
      Connect with us on SMERGERS and we will guide you through the process.
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