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Profitable Resort Investment Opportunity in Gularbhoj, India

42 farmer co-operative with 540 acres farm seeking investment to open a multi-modal resort/park.
- Farming co-operative that is opposite Haripura Dam Gularbhoj and is within 100 meters proximity to the railway station and 20 kilometres away from the domestic airport. Jim Corbett National Park is 30 minutes away from our property. We are 3 hour drive away from Delhi NCR and are well-connected with the Shatabdi Express train network. - Engaged in farming operations of grain crops like wheat and rice and also have a guava orchard. - The annual harvest of the farm has an average value of INR 6 crores. We sell the produce at a local government authorized mandi. - There are 42 member farmers and we hire around 150-200 workers during harvest season. - A new tourist spot (Haripura Dam) has been established in close proximity to the farm. Government has given permission for businesses to conduct water activities like speed-boating and para-sailing. - Seeking to develop a multi-model logistic park along with a luxury water park resort and ranch, retirement home and golf course on our current farming property. Plan to allocate 25 acres out of the current 540 acres for this particular vertical. - Construction will take anywhere between 1-2 years. We have already reached out to a South African luxury tents company to procure 25+ luxury tents. We also have a consultant that is ready for the project. - After funding, we will need 1 month to finalize all the construction plans and design post which we can enter the construction phase.
42 farmer co-operative with 540 acres farm seeking investment to open a multi-modal resort/park.
8.0   Gularbhoj
Run Rate Sales
INR 6 crore
40 %
Financial Investment
INR 25 Cr for 10% stake
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Grain Farms Company Investment Opportunity in Mazabuka, Zambia

Commercial livestock and cropping enterprise seeking investment to expand into free-range chicken farming and organic farming.
- We are a mixed crop-livestock farming business based in Mazabuka. - Have a 1,050 hectares farm in which around 300 hectares is used for cultivation of maize, groundnut, dry bean seed, and winter wheat. - We deal in commercial livestock rearing and have 200 cows and 100 sheep. We also provide livestock marketing to our clientele and sell their chickens on the market. - We sell our harvests and livestock in the nearby market. We have a large clientele for our livestock sales. - Revenue split: 80% of our revenue is from crop farming and 20% is from livestock sales and marketing. - Have good soils and a farm that is relatively close to the market, good infrastructure, and a well-rounded management team. - We are moving towards organic farming practices using microbes, wood vinegar, biogas by-products for liquid fertilizer. There is room for growth on this farm, particularly in the chicken enterprise. - Have long-standing seed crop off-take and 12 years of seed crop experience. - Currently, we are operating at a loss due to droughts in the last two years and the demand for livestock has also stagnated due to the pandemic. The pandemic has also resulted in the fall of Zambian Kwacha's value. - Business owned assets include the farm, shed, and equipment.
Commercial livestock and cropping enterprise seeking investment to expand into free-range chicken farming and organic farming.
7.4   Mazabuka
Run Rate Sales
USD 420 thousand
Operating at loss
Financial Investment
USD 2.3 Mn for 50% stake
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Grain Farms Company Investment Opportunity in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Manufacturer and supplier of wheat flour products to 50+ wholesalers seeks funding to switch to organic farming.
- Business involved in the manufacturing and supply of wheat flour products. - We are the only wheat flour manufacturer in the region that grows various types of grains. - Have our own farming land of 7,050 hectares, with milling plant and storage facilities. - Our milling plant has a maximum production capacity of 100 tons per day and we have a storage capacity for 6,500 tons of grain. The facility is equipped with a complete cleaning and drying system. - We supply to 50+ wholesalers who then distribute the grains across the country. - Our team has identified a great demand for organic wheat products, especially in China, and we are looking to switch to organic farming and export our products to China, the biggest and closest to the Mongolian market for organic food. - Have all the necessary licenses and approvals in place. - Promoter has over 30 years of industry experience. - Business owned assets include the land, milling plant, machinery, and equipment.
6.5   Ulaanbaatar
Run Rate Sales
MNT 12 billion
10 - 20 %
Financial Investment
MNT 10 Bn for 34% stake
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