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SaaS based POS and e-Commerce Business Investment Opportunity in Coimbatore, India

SaaS-based POS and e-commerce software company for sale.
- Company in Coimbatore has developed a web-based cloud POS software and SaaS-based e-commerce software. - Right now we have installed 300+ standalone POS software at multiple retail industries such as supermarkets, restaurants, textile shops, electronics. - Around 100 clients are doing renewal for INR 2,500 to INR 5,000 based on the package they have got, this will be our recurring annual income. - Software has been designed in a way to adopt any kind of retail industry. No need for extra development if any of the retail comes in. - Company has been successfully running since 2009. - Clients are spread across India and we have at least 1 client in every town of Tamil Nadu. - Our website receives more than 1.2 million traffic every year. - We manage a FB group that has 55+ subscribers for retail business in Tamil Nadu. We can easily promote to them. - We receive more than 150 leads in a month without any advertising, only through our website traffic for POS Software. If we spend on advertisement we can generate another 500 leads for POS Software. - We generate revenue by charging annual fees from clients and all the clients renew our services every year. - Currently, we charge basic packages of standalone POS for INR 10,000 and e-commerce software for INR 15,000. - We intend to charge INR 3,600 per year for both the POS software and the e-commerce software and we expect the users to be 30,000 in India within 3 years. - Another source of income is from the data, we are dealing with FMCG segments more, so many companies approached us so far to give top-selling brands and products for every geography. We are being approached already by a few large corporations (Nelson and Tata) for the data. - Also planning to give e-commerce stores for free which will be running in our subdomains. We can place advertisements related to their business category. - We plan to implement AI/ML software that provides customer engagement and recommendations for every geographic. This data will be useful for manufacturers, distributors. - Timeline engine using AI; that will provide retailer which is the best items to sell in this season. - Having multiple resellers across India who supply POS hardware, cash registers, bar code scanners, thermal printers. Already signed up with 600 vendors. - We generate some revenue from hardware sales as well but the majority of our revenue is from software. - Our product is already a proven, tested, and revenue-generating one. - We have invested more than INR 3 crore's into building the product and gaining clientele over the past 6-7 years.
SaaS-based POS and e-commerce software company for sale.
8.4   Coimbatore
Run Rate Sales
USD 23 thousand
40 - 50 %
Financial Investment
USD 50 K for 40%
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Healthcare Software Company Investment Opportunity in Bangalore, India

Business which has developed a supply chain software for the healthcare industry is seeking investment.
- Business has developed a supply chain software which connects all stakeholders in the healthcare industry. - Patients can book appointments, doctors can give prescriptions, and pharmacies can get this info and give it to suppliers. - POS machines have been developed for pharmacies and clinics. - 100+ clients in Bangalore and North Karnataka. - The product works both online and offline.
5.7   Bangalore
Run Rate Sales
USD 75 thousand
Financial Investment
USD 250 K for 20%
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POS Terminal Company Investment Opportunity in Hyderabad, India

Manufacturing of POS Terminals with end to end solutions serving two reputed clients in India.
- We are working with two major clients as of now. - We see the growth rate as 16% - Low market competition for our product. - Founder has 7 years of industry experience.
6.2   Hyderabad
Run Rate Sales
USD 230 thousand
15 %
Financial Investment
USD 250 K for 20%
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