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Newly Established Tour Operator Investment Opportunity in Kathmandu, Nepal

Firm providing sightseeing and various travel packages with a 5-star rating on Tripadvisor.
- Leading tour operator company in Himalayan country Nepal, providing comprehensive travel and adventure services including Nepal trekking & hiking, adventure and cultural tour in Nepal, Bhutan, and India for groups and individuals. - The business is temporarily closed. Plan to resume operations in six months depending on the pandemic. - Firm was established in the year 2019 by professionals. - Have served more than 500 clients to date and have a loyal customer base of over 400 clients. - Marketing leads are generated mainly through OTAs, recommendations, and inquiries received through social media marketing. - We have tied up with Tripadvisor, and also intend to tie up with few other companies. - Provide various kinds of packages such as deluxe package, super deluxe, family packages, and standard packages. - We are capable of providing an exceptionally complex range of travel services for both individuals, groups, families, and corporate clients. - Our tour packages are designed to make the customers trip, easy, memorable, secure, comfortable and less costly. - Have 2 tour guides out of which one works on a contractual basis. - Promoter has 15+ years of experience in the travel and tourism industry in Nepal with holding places, people, and customs through professional guides, modern transportation, quality hotels.
7.4   Kathmandu
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin 15 %
Financial Investment USD 17 thousand for 30% stake
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Newly Established Tour Operator Seeking Loan in Malé, Maldives

Tour operator provides fishing trips in the Maldives, seeks funds to upgrade newly purchased vessel.
- Tour operator provides all-day and weekly fishing trips in the Maldives. - We provide 1-day to 1-week long fishing trips and have tied-up with local resorts and guest houses to provide complete packages to the tourists. - Company used to operate with a rented vessel and received about 10-20 clients per month before the pandemic. - Our packages range from USD 600 to USD 1,200 per tourist. - We get our bookings from Facebook, Instagram, and the FishingBooker platform. - Our operations were closed temporarily due to the pandemic and we are now looking to restart operations. - We have purchase our own vessel and need funds to install outboard engines and for other fishing equipment. - Promoter has over 10 years of experience.
7.4   Malé
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin Nil
Business Loan USD 65 thousand at 12% interest
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Tour Operator for Sale in Split, Croatia

Tour agency with 1,000+ customer database, 50+ business contracts and 100+ bookings/monthly.
- Offer customized and standardized single day tours and multi-day tours around south-eastern Europe. Single day tours are offered within Croatia only. - It is an asset light business model. - We receive around 100 bookings on a monthly basis and have a customer database with over 1,000+ clients. - Our business offers ground services only (restaurant & hotel bookings and sight-seeing tours). All the flight bookings need to be undertaken by the client itself. We charge a down payment of 20 - 30% during booking or customers have an option to pay the full amount before the services are provided directly. - The average duration of a multi day tour is 10 days. The price without hotel bookings is around EUR 5,000 (with hotel accommodation it is much higher). The price of a single day tour is around EUR 300 on average. Charge a commission on the booking in the range of 10% - 30% depending on the cost of the package. During season, day tours are more popular and during off-season multi day tours are more popular. It is high season from May - October with peak season during July - August. - We are the official tour coordinator and logistics organizer for a major Croatian tour company. Besides that, we have over 50+ contracts with multiple tour agencies around the world for instance in USA and Europe. We coordinate all the bookings based in Croatia and its surrounding countries for our partners and provide a commission of 20%. These contracts are in perpetuity. - Owing to the ongoing pandemic, run rate sales have fallen due to a slump in travel bookings. - The bookings and coordination is handled by the promoter. We have 1 sales executive on a contract basis that is engaged in digital, social media and online paid marketing (Google Ads). Besides that, we have 3 expert chauffeurs/tour guides on the company pay roll for day tours. - The business is offering its extensive contacts list, brand/goodwill, 3 online portals, 3 minivans and 50+ business contracts in the transaction amount. We have experienced a stable growth rate at around 40% in the past.
9.1   Split
Run Rate Sales USD 75 thousand
EBITDA Margin 40 %
Full Sale USD 540 thousand
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Charter Bus Company for Sale in Armenia, El Salvador

Tour agency with 10+ vehicles that offer tourist transportation services to individual tourists and companies.
- Company has been running a transportation business in Armenia for over 23 years. - We were a part of a well known logistics company from whom we separated out a year back. We have been running in the market for the past 23 years. - We offer tourist transportation services for 3 fixed routes and also bus hiring services for companies, tourist packages for sightseeing. The price depends on the routes and packages. - We have 3 different packages which we run for tourists across Armenia. - Have a fleet of luxury buses and cars which are used for travel purpose. - Also, offer rental services to tourists. - Mainly cater to tourists visiting from Europe, Germany, France, and the USA. - Sales team takes care of the marketing. Most of our clients are through references and the strong network that we have developed over the years. - The sales team also approaches different travel companies to whom we rent vehicles. - Business is operational even during the pandemic. There are no sales as there aren't any tourists during this time. - Our website is currently under maintenance.
7.0   Armenia
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin 12 %
Full Sale USD 350 thousand
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Profitable Tour Operator for Sale in Mumbai, India

For Sale: Firm providing sightseeing and travel packages with 1,000+ reviews and a 4-star rating on Tripadvisor.
- Company provides travel packages and tours mainly for trips in and around Mumbai & Rajasthan. - 90% of our clientage are foreigners visiting India. - On a monthly basis, we do tours with a total of 150 people on average and sales of INR 5 lakh. - Have tie-ups with more than 50 OTAs and 15 agents across India. - Main marketing activities include social media marketing through Instagram and Facebook and other websites. - Have a good online presence on Facebook with a 5-star rating and over 2,500 likes. - We are also known to be one of the best tour operators with 1,210 reviews and a 4-star rating on Tripadvisor. - Apart from this we also provide cooking workshops and online cooking classes through Zoom and Skype. - Marketing leads are generated mainly through OTAs. - Majority of the business runs on cash. Our business is currently only running on an on-demand basis. - Business owns two vehicles that are used for ferrying tourists. - The buyer will acquire the website with DA=17, client database, tie-ups with OTAs, social links, and vehicles. - The promoter has over 5 years of experience in the business.
8.1   Mumbai
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin 40 %
Full Sale USD 240 thousand
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Tour Operator Investment Opportunity in Quito, Ecuador

Incoming tour operator in the luxury segment with Galapagos yachts and high profile client base.
- Tour operator in Ecuador specializing in private yacht transport, Galapagos cruises, custom travel planning. - Last year we served 2,000 clients. - We have 1 own yacht and 2 yachts on lease. - Business had an average yearly growth rate of 10% until this year. - Have a strong presence in the market and access to premium trade shows. - Most of our business is from B2B clients with wholesale partnerships worldwide. - Majority of our clients are from Germany, Australia, North America and South America. - Our business is the winner of many well-known awards and one of them being the Magellan Travel Award and our business is also a member of TravellerMade, USTOA. - We have not received any bookings since the last few months due to COVID but we have started receiving huge bookings for next year. - Physical assets include land, office space, own vehicles, a yacht, furniture and electronics. Intangible assets include travel ERP system, CRM implementation, cloud network, exclusive yacht contracts, well-optimized website.
8.4   Quito
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin Nil
Financial Investment USD 3 million for 50% stake
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Tour Operator Investment Opportunity in Durgapur, India

Well established tour operator with a network in over 58 cities and 400+ loyal customers seeking investment.
- Offer customized package tours, corporate tours, and educational tours across India. Handle all the flight and hotel bookings, restaurant reservations and sight-seeing tours. - Have a network of 58+ tour guides in over 58 cities across India. - Take 30 percent of the payment in advance as a down payment for the travel and hotel bookings. - Business is temporarily closed. Plan to resume operations in six months depending on the pandemic. - Have served more than 2,000 clients till date and have a loyal customer base of over 400 clients. - Have recently hired a team of 30 salespeople. Sales team will be charging a commission of 5% on the sales of the packages. - Will introduce a new payment gateway for the services offered. Utility cards will be distributed to the customers that register for these tours. In case there is a tour cancellation, this utility card can be used elsewhere for instance at a grocery shop, a general store and other such stores. The utility card will have a credit limit that is equal to the price of the tour. If the tour is successful, then the amount can be refilled into the card depending on the customer's requirements and the price of the tour and the amount would need to be repaid within 21 days. No interest will be charged for now. The business has successfully entered into an agreement with over 100+ shop-owners in Durgapur and its surroundings to accept the cards as a payment option. The business will be charging a commission between 2% to 10% from the shop-owner as compensation. - Have 1 permanent employee currently i. e. the promoter. The promoter has enlisted the help of his friends and relatives. They are offering their services as a gesture of goodwill and are not on the company's pay roll. - Business was experiencing a growth rate of 20% year on year since inception. Owner has more than 10 years of experience in the travels and tourism industry.
6.1   Durgapur
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin 0 - 10 %
Financial Investment USD 14 thousand for 10% stake
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Tour Operator for Sale in Shimla, India

For Sale: Shimla based travel management company with 150+ packages and a fully functional website.
- The business was incorporated in 2018 and started its operations in 2019. - The business has halted its operations since March due to the COVID-19 pandemic. - We have served over 500 clients across India. - Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were running with 7 employees who were paid on a commission basis and monthly sales were of around INR 5 lakh. - We have tie-ups with over 60 hotels in Himachal Pradesh and we are one of the best service providers in Shimla. - Tied up with a marketing agency known as Travel Triangle which provides us leads and charges 8% of the package amount as commission once the transaction is confirmed. - We have active pages on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. - The buyer would get the business with the website, furniture, rental agreement, and the agreement with a marketing agency, Travel Triangle.
7.5   Shimla
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin 10 - 20 %
Full Sale USD 54 thousand
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Charter Bus Business for Sale in North Macedonia

Coach bus services providing charters and tours to foreign tourists in the Balkans and Europe.
- We have been one of the leading charter coach companies in the country for over 8 years. - Have 5 big buses and 1 smaller coach. This includes a recently purchased new model of the Man Lion's Coach. - We are also associated with a large number of travel partners in North Macedonia, Balkans, Europe, China and Hong Kong who refer clients to us. - Our bus services are generally long tours that last around 7 to 20 days. - We do around 2 to 4 tours per month per bus across multiple Balkan and European countries. We have the licences and permissions in place to do so. - North Macedonia is a part of NATO and is currently in discussion to join the EU which will give access to the EU market. - Buyer will receive the entire running business along with the buses and other licenses. - An additional benefit is that there is a flat tax rate of 10% on profits and any profit that is reinvested is not taxable.
8.6   North Macedonia
Run Rate Sales USD 900 thousand
EBITDA Margin 25 %
Full Sale USD 2.6 million
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Tour Operator Investment Opportunity in Willemstad, Curaçao

Pre-revenue phase business that will provide guided tours with amphibious vehicles on land and sea seeks investment.
- We are a pre-revenue phase business that will provide guided tours to explore the Curacao island. - The business is located in Willemstad, Curacao and all the licenses are up to date. - It's a new way to get to know the island both by land and sea. We will take tourists in the amphibious vehicle to explore the island and bright hues of the Caribbean sea. - It will be a new type of experience for the tourists / locals to explore on an amphibious vehicle. - We would also sell amphibious vehicles. We purchase these vehicles from a company based in Jiujiang, China. - I have few contacts with CTB (Curacao Tourist Board) and planning to become a member of FCCA (The Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association), so they'll start referring us to customers. - Promoter has more than 4 years of experience in Tourism industry.
6.0   Willemstad
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin Nil
Financial Investment USD 36 thousand for 49% stake
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Taxi Franchise Opportunity

Easy My Savaari, Established in 2017, 5 Franchisees currently
  • 1000+ Page Views
  • 1000+ Investor Views
Easy My Savaari is an ISO 9001-2015 certified online travel portal. We are a full service travel management company. We offer travel and destination management related services. We take special care of our clients, providing all kinds of assistance which a modern traveler looks for and offer clients with carefully prepared comprehensive travel program focused on their unique objectives. Whether our clients are looking for effective cost management strategies, travel policy implementation and management or superior customer service delivery, we have a solution at Easy My Savaari. We offer the cheapest out station, airport transfers, rentals service on our portal. The company is founded by a team comprising of a set of passionate, highly skilled professionals, with over 15+ years of experience in the hospitality & travel industry. Our customer support team operates through our back office in Bangalore in coordination with our sales office in Mumbai and Delhi. We continue to expand our network and alliances with more strategic partnerships worldwide. Our team of expert consultants are aligned and focused with clients company travel policies and business requirements to work towards making corporate travel experience easier, simpler and faster through a consultative approach wherein we understand our client requirements and soon become a valuable extension of their own team. We have been successful in a short time in helping companies grow and show the value of our travel program.
6.7   Expanding in Delhi
Expected Monthly Sales USD 140
Space Required 200 - 400 Sq Ft
Investment Required USD 1.4 - 4.1 thousand
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Tour Operator Investment Opportunity in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Tour operators providing various packages and expeditions within Thailand, receiving 200+ bookings per year.
- A tour operator business based in Chiang Mai, Thailand. - We provide tour packages and expeditions within Thailand. - Have over 20 packages that customers can chose. - Our packages focus on the culture and nature experiences. We are trying to move away from the regular tourist sites of Thailand and give customers a deeper experience of Thailand's culture. - Receive 200+ bookings a year. - We have good relations with hotels and van drivers. The van drivers are independent and are not under our payroll. We pay them on contract basis. - Business does not own any large physical assets. - Revenue has reduced this year due to COVID-19.
8.1   Chiang Mai
Run Rate Sales USD 40 thousand
EBITDA Margin 30 - 40 %
Financial Investment USD 13 thousand for 40% stake
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Tour Operator Seeking Loan in Zagreb, Croatia

Tour company in Croatia seeks investment or loan on profit sharing agreement.
- Tour operator based in Croatia. - We primarily serve the B2C segment and have catered to 1,650 travelers last year. - Provide tour packages across Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dubai and Egypt. - Promoter has 20+ years of experience in the travel and tourism domain. - We were awarded a very coveted industry award last year, our second year of operations. - We have tie-ups with 20 vendors who we outsource execution to. - Due to the seasonal nature of the business, our revenue is less than 25% of our normalized average revenue.
8.0   Zagreb
Run Rate Sales USD 150 thousand
EBITDA Margin 10 - 20 %
Business Loan USD 120 thousand at 10% interest
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Tour Operator for Sale in Muscat, Oman

For Sale: Oman based travel agency and tour operator offering travel packages to 60 countries.
- Travel agency and tour operator based in Oman. - Offer both inbound and outbound travel agency services including flight and accommodations booking, and visa filing. - Provide tour packages to 60 countries across the world including Oman and all the countries in the GCC region. - Regularly work with 10+ airline companies and around 10-15 hotel chains to provide services. - We also have tie-ups with 100+ vendors who we outsource execution to. - While overall the business is not very seasonal, ticketing is seasonal with ticket sales dropping during the month of Ramadan and increasing during Christmas.
7.6   Muscat
Run Rate Sales USD 586.8 thousand
EBITDA Margin 8 %
Full Sale USD 95 thousand
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Newly Established Tour Operator Investment Opportunity in New Delhi, India

Start-up adventure touring company in New Delhi seeks investment for business growth.
- Newly started company in New Delhi offering adventure touring services. - We offer tour packages, trekking, bike trips, weekend adventure getaways, customized tour plans to corporate clients and direct to customers. - Have served 6 corporate clients till date. - Some of the high demand places are Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Ladakh. - Partnered with Thomas Cook, Oyo Rooms, TripAdvisor, BookMotorcycleTours. - Business was started just a year back, as a result, our sales were less last year. - We are expecting huge bookings this year as we are investing more in marketing and for that reason, we believe the valuation is justified. - Promoter has more than 5 years of experience in this industry. - Business owns a few bikes, website, furniture and laptops.
5.7   New Delhi
Run Rate Sales USD 70 thousand
EBITDA Margin 24 %
Financial Investment USD 27 thousand for 20% stake
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Newly Established Tour Operator for Sale in Punta Arenas, Costa Rica

For sale: Boat tour operator in the Gulf of Nicoya with own 45 feet yacht.
- Boat tour operator in the Gulf of Nicoya. - Have our own 45 feet yacht. - Excellent location with a strong tourist footfall. - Receive bookings from tourist agencies as well as execute private charters. - The yacht has been overhauled after only 540 hours of use and is well maintained. - Commercial operations started a month ago and we currently generate over USD 400 each month in revenue. - The physical assets owned by the business is the yacht and other operating assets. - All licenses and paperwork is up to date and easily transferrable.
6.5   Punta Arenas
Run Rate Sales USD 48 thousand
EBITDA Margin 30 %
Full Sale USD 100 thousand
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Tour Operator for Sale in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Tour operator specializing in both domestic and international destinations, having tie-ups with 10+ travel agents.
- Tour operating firm in Ho Chi Minh City managed by a group of professionals with more than 15 years of experience in the travel industry. - We provide perfect holiday packages to explore exciting tourist destinations, hotel bookings, flight bookings, tickets bookings, transport booking. - Have tie ups with more than 10 travel agents. - We have served thousands of customers till date. - Our assets include website, domain, license and customer database. - Promoter has more than 15 years of experience in this industry.
6.2   Ho Chi Minh City
Run Rate Sales USD 180 thousand
EBITDA Margin 21 %
Full Sale USD 130 thousand
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Tour Operator Investment Opportunity in Colombia

Company provides horseback riding services to visitors, seeks investment now to start horse ranching.
- Company providing horseback riding services to visitors. - We enjoy taking our horses on a Caribbean trip, and want to share this wonderful experience with our customers. - We climb the mountains on our trip, float on the beautiful river, visit tribal sites and many wonderful places. - Our tour price includes accommodation fees at local farms, coaches, horses and entrance fees to the village. - At present we have our own 8 horses. We complete 3-4 tours per month. - Our assets include website, horses, license and tools.
6.6   Colombia
Run Rate Sales USD 30 thousand
EBITDA Margin 28 %
Financial Investment USD 130 thousand for 50% stake
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