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GPS Devices Company for Sale in Damascus, Syria

GPS tracking solutions provider tied-up with 100+ companies and connected with 3,500+ cars.
- Offer GPS tracking solutions to our customers. We have adopted a B2B model for our business. Our solutions are satellite enabled. - Some features of our software include: a reporting rate between 15 seconds to 24 hours delay in real-time tracking, a geo-fencing module with automatic block when a vehicle enters or exits a geo-fence + events generation and reporting, multiple accounts and users support, RFID/iButton automatic driver recognition and authentication, emergency assistance functionality with the use of a panic button, fuel monitoring and saving, web API for M2M/ERP integration, emergency crash notification and monitoring of the driver’s behaviour. - The business is headquartered in Beirut. We have a branch in Syria with over 2 sales persons and were planning to launch our services in Dubai. We have completed business registration in all the 3 countries. - Our software is not only a vehicle tracking solution but we also offer customized modules based on user requirements. In context to that, we have modules that enable garbage disposal. Monitoring, bus routing and scheduling, food & medical temperature monitoring, and cement monitoring. - We offer our services to over 100+ companies and are connected to 3,500+ cars. We have also engaged in some government contracts. The business charges anywhere between USD 10 – USD 15 per car to our client. We also have a native app on the Google Play Store and iOS Store for support. - Run rate sales have fallen due to the ongoing pandemic. - We also have taken some servers on lease from Germany. - Our business has engaged in paid marketing through Google Ads. We also have a working website and an active Facebook page where we post regular updates about the business. We have an offline sales team comprising of 3 members.
8.1   Beirut
Run Rate Sales
USD 360 thousand
25 %
Business for Sale
USD 1 Mn
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Gym for Sale in Beirut, Lebanon

Exclusive fitness business for sale in Beirut, having served more than 1,000 members.
- Fitness center with a well-established brand name in the region of the coastal Metn for the past three years. - We have already created a massive number of existing customers with up-running monthly revenue stream, and generating some fairly decent profit at the moment. - With some dedication, the business can be expanded 2 to 3 folds within a year with very low investment in marketing. - The company currently includes some Fit-out & Decoration works in great condition. It also includes some other specialized hi-tech fitness equipment, minor tools and inventory. - Have served more 1,000 members. - Because of owner's commitments to other projects in a totally distinct sector outside Lebanon, the proprietor is offering this company for sale and does not have a dedicated qualified representative to operate it for him properly. - It is recommended that the new owner should be ready to dedicate some time on this business to keep up the good business results. - Company also has exclusive distributorship contracts for specific fitness devices from German producers, which would produce a parallel revenue stream if well exploited. - Business Owner is offering the two options for the sale of the business with exclusive distributorships or without. If those distributorships are added, another USD 120,000 will be added to the deal. Note: The identity of the business will not be disclosed over the phone or by email, kindly do not ask. Need to meet the owner for full details in a one-to-one business meeting.
7.8   Beirut
Run Rate Sales
LBP 270 million
40 %
Business for Sale
LBP 345 Mn
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Supermarket for Sale in Beirut, Lebanon

Supermarket in Beirut, Lebenon up for sale.
- Located on the main street. - Have between 520 to 600 customers in daily basis. - Does delivery, 30 to 40 everyday.
Supermarket in Beirut, Lebenon up for sale.
7.3   Beirut
Run Rate Sales
USD 1.9 million
20 - 30 %
Business for Sale
USD 650 K
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