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Profitable Agriculture Wholesale Business Seeking Loan in Hassan, India

Ginger wholesaler that has tied up with 20 suppliers and currently sells 600 bags monthly.
- Sell dried and washed ginger in two varieties (Rigodi ginger and Himachal ginger). Rigodi ginger is sold within the country whereas Himachal ginger is usually exported. - We have tied up with over 15 - 20 suppliers of ginger. - The products are sold in bags of 60 kgs. One bag of Rigodi ginger costs INR 4,500 while one bag of Himachal ginger costs INR 5,000. The prices tend to fluctuate depending on market demand and the season. - Our business has 5 - 10 distributors. The distributor charges a commission of 6% as compensation. The business usually receives a profit of INR 1,000 per bag. - The products are usually sold in markets like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad. - Prior to the pandemic, the business sold over 250 bags of Rigodi ginger and around 20 - 50 bags of Himachal ginger. In the previous month, however, the business experienced a surge in demand and sold over 600 bags of ginger. This happened due to the rains in Delhi. - Usually, the business buys the ginger from their suppliers on credit. The business has no inventory. - The physical assets involved in the transaction are the internal furnishings of the business and the dedicated ginger processing machinery. - The promoter is willing to offer their personal property as a collateral for the loan. The business is also open for an investment in exchange of a partial stake sale. - The business has not taken on any debt as of date.
Ginger wholesaler that has tied up with 20 suppliers and currently sells 600 bags monthly.
6.9   Hassan
Run Rate Sales
INR 3.3 crore
30 - 40 %
Business Loan
INR 50 lakh at 12% interest
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Renewable Energy Business Seeking Loan in Karnataka, India

Firm engaged in the injection molding of plastics and renewable energy generation.
- Engaged in the injection molding of plastics and renewable energy generation through wind and solar farms. - The injection molding vertical constitutes around 50% of our revenue. - Under this vertical, we manufacture plastic bottle caps, closures, and preforms. - We supply these products to 27-28 clients and manufacture around 120MT of products each month. - At present, 70% of our injection molding output are preforms but we are in the process of lowering our production volumes as the margins in preforms are relatively lower. - We intend to lower total production to 75MT / month within the next 5 months. - To adjust for lower outputs we also intend to decrease our team size to 35 employees within the next month. - The remaining 50% of our revenue comes from power generation from wind farms and solar farms. - We have 3 wind farms; one each in Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, and Karnataka. - The total power output of all 3 plants is 4.4 MW. - The plant in Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat supply power to the state government under a power purchase agreement signed for 25 years. - The wind farm and solar plant in Karnataka supply power to private industrial clients. - The solar plant in Karnataka has a power output of 4.5 MW and was commissioned a few months back due to which our revenue for the current year has increased significantly. - Physical assets owned by the business include land, power generation equipment, machinery, and inventory.
8.3   Karnataka , Hassan
Run Rate Sales
INR 18 crore
18 %
Business Loan
INR 40 crore at 10% interest
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Food Processing Business Seeking Loan in Karnataka, India

Authorized manufacturer and exporter of fruit candy, require funds to increase production capacity.
- Manufacturing and exporting fruit candy of an established Indian brand. Our unit is located in a coastal area. - We are authorized manufacturing exporters for the brand. - Have 2 rented manufacturing units. We are currently producing at our maximum production capacity which is 3,000 kgs per day. - Products are exported to all GCC countries, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Malaysia. - We export 2 containers every month. - We have recently received larger orders of 5 containers per month. - To achieve this we will be required to produce 8,000 kgs of product per day. - We will be shifting into a larger manufacturing unit. The land has already been purchased and it has an area of 10 acres. - We expect to fully shift into the new unit only after 1.5 years, since construction and set up has to be done. - In the meanwhile we expect to increase our production capacity by purchasing more machines and hiring more employees. - Physical assets include machines, inventory and raw material. Value of new acquired land has not been added to physical assets.
Authorized manufacturer and exporter of fruit candy, require funds to increase production capacity.
6.6   Karnataka , Hassan
Run Rate Sales
INR 2.4 crore
0 - 10 %
Business Loan
INR 50 lakh at 10% interest
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