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Application Software Company Investment Opportunity in Mumbai, India

Mumbai based technology product company focused on Skill Assessments is seeking funds for growth.
A Mumbai technology product company looking for investment to increase operations. Company has developed a skill assessment tool which acts as a platform to hire, train and develop talent. Company has developed 2 tools: 1. Tool to hire experienced professionals with skill based assessments. 2. Tool to hire from campuses which consider a holistic approach based on psychometric tests, leadership skills, communication skills etc (1000 student registrations. The market response has been great and the company has signed 10 clients in the last 6 months. Clients include: largest private sector bank, few educational institutes, IT companies, BPO etc. Company's USP: The company's capability to customize content for specific evaluation purpose. Company possesses research based statistically validated content. Company's focus on function specific simulations. Has developed 100,000+ statistically validated questions with 140+ different test types coupled with 45+ personality competencies. Order books include 90,000+ assessments booked by 6 large paying corporates and 3 paying educational institutes. Currently the revenue is being generated by product sales in a PaaS model in an online and offline model. The pricing works on a pay per test mode. There is a dedicated sales team of 2 focused on companies and educational institutes.
6.8   Mumbai
Run Rate Sales
USD 200 thousand
20 %
Financial Investment
USD 140 thousand for 7% stake
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