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Brewery Investment Opportunity in Goa, India

Craft Brewery with restaurant, kegging, canning and bottling operations in Goa.
- Experienced senior executive and well-traveled beer brewer (both from Germany) are looking to establish a craft brewery and and restaurant in North Goa with kegging, canning and bottling operations. - Distribution will be with 20, 30 & 50 litre kegs to resorts and restaurants in Goa, Pune and Mumbai. We will be setting up company-owned outlets (tap rooms) in Mumbai and Pune. - USP is varied German styles of hand crafted, “green” beer which will be fully solar-powered within 18 months. - Hand crafted beer is a relatively uncontested market in India, more so in Goa, the most popular of tourist destinations in India. - The promoters have experience in delivering turn-key projects for small to medium breweries and have facilitated the launch of a portfolio of imported craft beers in India. - Meetings with more than 20 beach resorts with varying amounts of beer consumption, with restaurant owners and restaurant / pub / bar patrons, have yielded very positive responses to buy kegged beer. The major part of the sales will via outlets in the metros. - Aim for the first 3 years is to have average sales between Rs. 10 Crore to Rs. 12 Crore a year and establish outlets in other cities. Our revenue projections have been intentionally quite conservative. - We are seeking a funding of Rs. 16 CR which is intended to set up the brewery & ancillary equipment, kegging / bottling / cannng equipment, construction, design & project costs. Investor payback after 3 years: Rs. 18.48 CR. Share capital: 64% Number of preference shares: 160,000 which will convertible into equity shares at a mutually decided time. ROI: 54%
8.4   Goa
Run Rate Sales
USD 110 thousand
20 %
Financial Investment
USD 1.4 million for 62% stake
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