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Profitable Online Marketplace Startup Investment Opportunity in Milan, Italy

Digital Media Company to provide a luxury women's magazine and innovative eCommerce marketplace for designers.
- We are a digital company with a strong background in digital since 15 years. We started to launch a luxury digital magazine 5 years ago and now we are ready, after the success of this product, to realize the whole luxury world around this project. The first step is printed magazine and online marketplace. - We would realize also a television digital channel starting from 3rd year. - Our magazine will embraces all the main sectors of Italian luxury and that discusses the main issues with the involvement of important influencers of fashion, luxury, design, cinema and lifestyle. - Our eCommerce marketplace will allow fashion stylists, interior designers to make their luxury and high end fashion products known. The marketplace will be an exclusive platform suitable for our well-defined target customer segment. - Founder has more than 5 years of experience in luxury magazine. - Has strong partnership with International Luxury and Fashion Brands. - Very strong relationships with actors, actresses, singers, showmen and showwomen, influencers, and more. - Our marketplace growth is expected to grow by 20% each year. - The magazine has received an excellent initial response, with the founder being interviewed by a national television and some magazines.
8.4   Milan , Lombardy
Run Rate Sales
USD 3.2 million
30 %
Financial Investment
USD 9 million for 35% stake
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