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Computer Hardware Company Investment Opportunity in Thiruvananthapuram, India

A turnkey solutions company providing hardware and software solutions having 50 clients in Kerala.
- A wired and wireless telecommunication business located in Kerala, that has been in business for 4 years. - Our clients are mainly hotels and hospitals, and we have 50 clients in Kerala. - We provide a wide variety of services such as setting up the IT hardware products for our clients such as TV's, monitors, security systems and more. - Our IT services include providing software for telecommunication, electronic security, data center, office automation and more. - On turn-key basis, we take on all major projects involving high-end, Indoor / Outdoor EPABX Systems, PA Systems, Wired / Wireless Products, Voice & Data, Board Room integrations, networking, Audio & Video Conferencing solutions. - We have partnered with over 70 electronic brands. - Apart from providing turnkey solutions, we also cater to retail. We are a licensed partner of these brands and sell the products when there are orders. - Our business has created a software which is a customer management system used by hotels and restaurants. Currently the software is being used by 20 establishments. - Our software solutions make up 25% of our total revenue, retail business makes up 10% of our revenue and the turnkey projects for hotels make up for 65% of the revenue. - Business has partnered with more hotels and have taken on more projects thereby increasing the revenue.
7.6   Thiruvananthapuram
Run Rate Sales
USD 400 thousand
7 %
Financial Investment
USD 280 thousand for 20% stake
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