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Can I get a loan to buy a business?

Yes. Most businesses bought are partly financed through some form of loan/debt as buyers will not have the complete amount. The two most common methods of financing are Acquisition Financing and Seller Financing. Acquisition financing is typically done by Banking institutions similar to business loans. The books of the business you are buying and your financial background will be scrutinized to a great extent. The bank may also ask you to provide collateral/security in terms of property. This is to ensure that their money is safe even if the business fails and you are unable to pay back the principal. The other form of financing, ie seller financing, is more prevalent in small-to-mid-sized business deals. The business owner selling the business will agree to finance the deal, which means he will take partial payment in the beginning. The rest is to be paid as regular monthly/quarterly payouts for a pre-determined period of time. Here's a list of businesses for sale which may be willing to consider seller financing or you could also list your requirement here to obtain a business loan for the buyout. 

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