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I have received several introductions but still unable to successfully close a deal. What should I do?

SMERGERS is a marketplace that provides businesses and franchises visibility amongst interested investors/buyers/advisors so interested prospects can find your business/franchise and connect with you. Once the introduction has been made on the platform, the onus of taking the discussion forward & successfully closing the deal rests with the business owner and the buyer/investor. Key factors affecting deal closure include business and valuation attractiveness, management discussions post the introduction, and mutual interest. SMERGERS does not have any control over these aspects. There has to be a meeting of minds between the buyer and seller for successful deal closure. 

Typically, we have seen a few common mistakes that business owners make. You could go through the link here and understand how to avoid these mistakes.

Click here to read testimonials from some of our members who have recently closed deals on SMERGERS.

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