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What should I do since I haven’t received enough introductions to successfully close the deal?

Business credibility and Valuation attractiveness are the two main factors that drive introductions on the platform. Major issues with your profile are automatically listed on your dashboard. Please check your dashboard to see if there are any such suggestions/improvements mentioned for your profile.

The easiest ways to improve your profile visibility and introductions include:

1. Ensure your profile is up to date with relevant information including high-quality images of your business facilities and machines, preferably clicked exclusively for SMERGERS. It is very important to have high-quality images of your business facility to showcase your credibility and boost the number of introductions.

2. Your business proposition and valuation should be attractive enough for an investor/buyer when compared to other businesses listed on the platform. This is one of the most common reasons why you may receive fewer introductions compared to other profiles on the website.

3. Ensure you are using your proposal credits to send out alerts to all investors/buyers that match your business criteria. This is an easy way to reach several prospects in a quick and easy manner.

4. If one of your introductions has a question on your profile, it is most likely that others also have the same question, because of which they may refrain from connecting with you. Ensure you update your profile with information based on past investor feedback.

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