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Abou Shawarma 8.8 /10

2013 Estd  ·  3 Sales Partners  ·  Beirut HQ

All Formats
Format Investment including Brand Fee Brand Fee Space Staff Exp. Monthly Sales Profit Margin Royalty
Store USD 150 - 250 thousand USD 20 thousand 850 - 1,300 Sq Ft 4 USD 100 thousand 35% 6% of revenue
Mobile Food Truck USD 100 - 150 thousand USD 20 thousand 300 - 500 Sq Ft 2 USD 70 thousand 40% 6% of revenue
Catering Machine USD 15 - 20 thousand USD 5 thousand 100 - 200 Sq Ft 2 USD 12 thousand 45% 6% of revenue
Format Name Store Mobile Food Truck Catering Machine
Investment USD 150 - 250 thousand USD 100 - 150 thousand USD 15 - 20 thousand
Brand Fee USD 20 thousand USD 20 thousand USD 5 thousand
Space 850 - 1,300 Sq Ft 300 - 500 Sq Ft 100 - 200 Sq Ft
Staff 4 2 2
Expected Monthly Sales USD 100 thousand USD 70 thousand USD 12 thousand
Profit Margin 35% 40% 45%
Royalty / Commission 6% of revenue 6% of revenue 6% of revenue
About Abou Shawarma
Abou Shawarma is a unique and innovative quick-service restaurant concept that brings the Lebanese traditional Shawarma to the modern-day lifestyle in a genuine and tasty way. We offer a variety of choices and the ability to customize high-end quality Shawarma.
Our success is due to many factors including cleanliness, authenticity, consistency, and modernity in quality and service. We target food-conscious customers who are looking for the taste, healthiness, quality, and value of their meal. Our objective is to expand nationally and globally while preserving our originality and quality and to achieve optimal return on investment and value growth in the industry.
We serve multicultural middle-low to high-end income customers.
The size of a typical Abou Shawarma is between 25 sq. m and 120 sq. m and the average customer flow is 150 to 200 customers per day.
In addition to being strongly aligned with regional and global trends in the food industry, we enjoy core strengths that make it especially attractive for potential franchisees. As a quick summary, those core strengths are the following:
1. World-class best-practice franchising model developed by Francorp - leading global franchise consultancy firm (over 14,000 international clients)
2. Exceptionally strong knowledge transfer and franchise support system (documentation, operating manuals, standard and procedures, training documents and videos, best practice, physical and remote franchisor support)
3. Adaptability to global tastes and preferences.
4. Robust and aggressive branding, marketing, and online social media campaign.
5. Strongly aligned with global food industry trends and demand.
6. Highly profitable and financially attractive business model (high Return on investment, relatively low initial investment cost)
7. Low dependence on the franchisor for raw ingredients.
8. Dedicated, fast-moving franchisor support team.
9. Tested and adopted concept (public acceptance)
10. Monitorable from long distance.
11. General Food and Beverage skill set requirements for executives and store employees.
Products and Services
Our shawarmas are available in beef, chicken, fish, halloumi cheese, kebab & sojok. You can have your shawarma in a traditional sandwich or on a plate. We provide on-the-go dining and take-out facilities.
Preferred Locations
United States, Egypt, Europe, United Kingdom, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrain.
How to become Abou Shawarma Sales Partner?
Connect with us on SMERGERS and we will guide you through the process.
What are some of the things we look for in a Sales Partner?
Typically, Abou Shawarma is very selective in choosing its franchising partners. While there are no set criteria, and franchisees can come from a wide array of professional backgrounds; they must all exhibit a strong commitment and desire to succeed. Experience in the food and beverage industry is essential along with the following.
Franchise profile requirements:
1. Good people skills, including business, management, and customer service skills.
2. High personal standards: excellence, honesty, and integrity.
3. Ability to work within a system.
4. Stability and maturity.
5. Financial and commercial capacity to make their franchise a success.
The franchise owner is not required to participate in the day-to-day operations on a full-time basis as long as a senior manager is appointed.
Support you can expect from the company
In addition to field support, members of the Abou Shawarma organization will provide the services listed below:
• Operational Support -- Abou Shawarma management will provide ongoing training and support in many areas critical to the success of the franchisee's business, including unit operations and maintenance, customer-service techniques, product ordering, suggested pricing guidelines, and administrative procedures.
• Site Selection -- Prior to approving a site for the Abou Shawarma outlet, Abou Shawarma management will provide franchisees with clear guidelines for a suitable location. Abou Shawarma will require franchisees to follow these instructions to ensure that an appropriate site is located.
• Marketing Support -- Abou Shawarma management coordinates the development of advertising materials and strategies for the benefit of all members of the franchise network. We also supply franchisees with consumer marketing plans and materials for use at the local or regional level and retain the right to approve all local advertising materials that the franchisee chooses to develop. (monthly cost for the marketing plans and materials amounts to 500$)
• Accounting/Audit/Legal -- Reporting directly to administration, this department is responsible for the financial and legal oversight of franchisees.
• Ongoing Research and Development -- Abou Shawarma management continues to research methods and techniques for franchise operations (including purchasing and promotional schemes) that enhance unit-level profitability.
• Overall Program Oversight -- Abou Shawarma management provides the overall coordination and planning for the Abou Shawarma franchise system.
We will also provide training, secret recipes, spices, and bread to the partners. We will deliver the products to Middle-Eastern and European Countries. For the USA, we will find bakeries that will be able to provide our brand will quality product.
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  • 5000+ Page Views
  • 2000+ Investor Views

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    • When was Abou Shawarma established?
      Abou Shawarma was established in 2013 in Beirut and is reported to have 3 Sales Partners currently
    • What is the investment required to take up Abou Shawarma Sales Partner?
      Investment required ranges from USD 15 thousand - 250 thousand depending on the format offered.
    • What is the space requirement for taking up Abou Shawarma Sales Partner?
      Space required ranges from 100 - 1300 sq ft depending on the format.
    • What Sales Partner formats does Abou Shawarma offer?
      Abou Shawarma offers 3 formats, i.e Store,Mobile Food Truck,Catering Machine.
    • How to get Abou Shawarma Sales Partner?
      Connect with us on SMERGERS and we will guide you through the process.
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