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Referral Agent, Financial Consultant, Montreal, Canada

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Financial Consultant in Montreal Seeking Businesses Upto CAD 17 million

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    We are an investment consultancy firm based in Brussels, Belgium, that effectively serves significant public and private clients in several countries across the world. Our top professionals have over ten years of worldwide financial industry expertise. We provide dependable finance for projects by employing the most practical schemes and models for various economic sectors. We are willing to make whatever necessary investment in the project. Even the most demanding consumer will be satisfied by the knowledge of our asset managers and economists. Experienced specialists and partners with a sterling reputation assist our clients in achieving their objectives and implementing significant infrastructure, industrial, and energy projects nearly anywhere in the world. We do not charge any fee from the business owners. I get my commission directly from the company that I represent on the platform.

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    Upto 13 million USD
  • Investment Criteria

    We have extensive experience in a wide range of industries including, but not limited to:

    - Agriculture.

    - Construction.

    - FMCG.

    - Hospitality.

    - Manufacturing.

    - Mining.

    - Renewable & Alternate Energy.

    - Technology.

    - Water.

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    8.1 / 10
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    4:40 PM (America / Chicago)
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    Coal, Integrated Oil and Gas, Oil & Gas Exploration and Production, Petrol Bunks, Petroleum Product, Petroleum, Oil & Gas Refining and Marketing, Oil Services, Oil & Gas Storage, Iron Ore Mining, Copper Ore Mining, Construction Materials, Paper Packaging, Fabricated Metal Products, Pipes & Valves, Electrical Component, MEP Construction, Switchgear, Contractors, Engineering, Procurement & Construction, Facility Management, Building Maintenance, Stationery, Freight Forwarder, Trucking, Freight & Logistics, Automobile Parts Wholesale, Automotive Accessories, Bags Manufacturing, Construction Supplies, Furniture, Cruise Lines, Hotels, Hotels and Resorts, Banquet Halls, Restaurants, Fast Food Restaurants, Restaurants and Bars, Amusement Parks, Tour Operators, Gyms, Travel Agencies, Sign Makers, Interior Design & Architecture, Baby Stores, Apparel Stores, Electronics Stores, Mobile Shops, Breweries, Wineries, Animal Feed, Aquaculture, Coffee Estates, Agriculture Wholesale, Coffee and Tea, Seafood Processing, Cosmetics, Hygiene Products, Food Wholesale, Vending Machines, Consumer Lending, Commercial Loans, FinTech, Real Estate Agencies, Advanced Medical Technology, Medical Devices, Medical Supplies, Office Supplies Wholesale, Electronic Equipment, Household Electronics, Application Software, Ecommerce Websites, Energy, Industrial, Finance, Healthcare, Technology, Landscaping, Commercial Real Estate, Car Washes, Bakeries, Auto Accessories Shops, Internet of Things, Building, Construction and Maintenance, Food & Beverage, Retail Shops, Education, Logistics, Media, Travel & Leisure, Textiles, Business Services, Cleaning Machinery, Specialized Cleaning, NBFC, Insurance Agencies, Phone Accessories, Crypto, Manpower Supply, Perfumes, Wellness Retreats
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Disclaimer: SMERGERS is a regulated marketplace for connecting business sell sides with investors, buyers, lenders and advisors. Neither SMERGERS represents nor guarantees that the information mentioned above is complete or correct.
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