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Profitable Pest Control Business for Sale in Indore, India

Pest control business with a portfolio of 530 corporate and individual clients for sale.

Established 10-20 year(s)
Employees 5 - 10
Legal Entity Sole Proprietorship/Sole Trader
Reported Sales USD 100 - 200 thousand
Run Rate Sales USD 150 thousand
EBITDA Margin 40 %
Industries Pest Control
Locations  Indore
Local Time 1:08 AM Asia / Kolkata
Listed By Business Owner / Director
Status Moderately Active
Overall Rating
Full Sale
Asking Price: USD 360 thousand (Native Currency: INR 30,000,000)
Reason: The owner has a strong passion for naturopathy and yogic science and desires to dedicate his full ti... View More
Includes physical assets worth USD 18 thousand
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Business Overview
- We are a pest control business located in Indore.
- We provide our services to 100-120 clients per month.
- Serving a diverse portfolio of over 530 satisfied clients, including residential customers, businesses, hotels, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities.
- Revenue model: Achieving a robust revenue of INR 24.8 lakhs through a combination of one-time service fees, annual subscriptions for preventive maintenance programs, and specialized services for commercial and industrial clients.
- Promoter experience: Founded and led by seasoned industry professionals with over two decades of combined experience in pest management, demonstrating expertise in integrated pest control solutions.
- Business relationships: Strong and enduring relationships with suppliers for sourcing high-quality and eco-friendly pest control products, fostering a commitment to sustainable practices in the industry.
- Awards and recognitions: Recipient of the "Excellence in Pest Management" award, showcasing the business's commitment to delivering top-notch services and innovative solutions.
- Community engagement: Actively engaged in community outreach programs, providing educational workshops on pest prevention, environmental responsibility, and promoting a healthy living environment.
- Technological integration: Pioneering the use of cutting-edge technology with a digital monitoring and reporting system, enhancing transparency and efficiency in client communications.
- Employee expertise: Boasting a skilled and certified team of technicians and entomologists, ensuring the delivery of effective and safe pest control solutions to clients.
- Expansion plans: Strategically positioned for growth with plans to expand service offerings, geographic reach, and client base, capitalizing on emerging trends in eco-friendly pest control.
- Customer satisfaction ratings: High customer satisfaction ratings, with a 90% retention rate, demonstrating the business's commitment to exceeding client expectations.
- We have a VII 1A license and registration document.
Products & Services Overview
Pest inspection and identification:
- Businesses and homeowners utilize pest inspection services to identify and assess potential pest issues, ensuring a proactive approach to pest control.
- customized treatment plans:
Tailored pest control solutions based on the specific needs of clients, addressing issues such as termite infestations, rodent control, insect eradication, and more.
- Preventive maintenance programs:
Subscription-based services offer regular inspections and treatments to prevent pest problems before they occur, providing peace of mind to both residential and commercial clients.
- Eco-friendly and safe pest control products:
Increasing demand for environmentally friendly and safe pest control products appeals to environmentally conscious consumers, including households, businesses, and industries.
- Integrated pest management (IPM) services:
Comprehensive approaches that combine biological, cultural, physical, and chemical control methods, appealing to a wide range of clients seeking holistic pest management solutions.
- Commercial and industrial pest control:
Specialized services for businesses in various industries, ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations and safeguarding against potential damage to products and reputation.
- Residential pest control packages:
Bundled services catering to homeowners, offering year-round pest protection, timely inspections, and immediate treatment responses to maintain a pest-free environment.
- Emergency response services:
Quick-response services for urgent pest infestations, appealing to clients who require immediate solutions to protect their property, reputation, or health.
- Educational workshops and training:
Offering workshops and training sessions for clients to raise awareness about pest prevention, empowering them to take proactive measures in maintaining pest-free environments.
- Digital monitoring and reporting systems:
Utilizing technology for real-time monitoring, data analysis, and reporting, providing clients with transparency and control over their pest management programs.
Assets Overview
- Tangible Assets:
Office and operational space:
Owned facility with a built-up area of 2,400 square feet, equipped with offices, meeting rooms, and storage space for equipment.
- Pest control equipment:
Inventory of pest control tools and equipment, including spraying devices, traps, protective gear, and specialized tools for various pest management services.
- Fleet of vehicles:
Company-owned vehicles for transporting personnel, equipment, and supplies to client locations for on-site pest control services.
- Inventory of chemicals and products:
Stock of pest control chemicals, insecticides, rodenticides, and eco-friendly products used for treatments and applications.
- Technology and systems:
Digital monitoring and reporting systems, computers, software, and other technological assets that contribute to efficient business operations.
- Furniture and fixtures:
Office furniture, fixtures, and equipment necessary for day-to-day operations, including desks, chairs, and office accessories.
Intangible assets:
- Business reputation and brand:
Established brand name, reputation, and recognition in the market for providing effective and reliable pest control services.
- Customer relationships:
Existing customer base and client relationships developed over time, contributing to recurring business and potential referrals.
- Employee expertise:
Skilled workforce, including technicians and entomologists, with experience in delivering high-quality pest control services.
- Intellectual property:
Any proprietary methods, formulations, or intellectual property related to unique pest control solutions developed by the business.
- Service contracts and agreements:
Existing service contracts, agreements, and subscriptions with clients provide a foundation for future revenue.
- Operational processes and manuals:
Standard operating procedures (SOPs) and operational manuals that streamline business processes and ensure consistency in service delivery.
- Website and online presence:
Company website, social media profiles, and online presence that contribute to marketing, brand visibility, and customer engagement.
- Licenses and certifications:
Valid licenses, certifications, and permits are required for pest control operations, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.
Facilities Overview
- Facility details:
Built-Up area: The facility boasts a spacious and well-designed built-up area of 2,400 square feet.
Ownership: The property is owned, providing stability and control over the business premises.
- Number of floors: The facility is organized across one or more floors, optimizing the available space for various operational needs.
- Infrastructure: The facility is equipped with modern infrastructure, including dedicated spaces for administrative offices, customer service, equipment storage, and potentially a specialized area for pest control product handling and formulation.
- Amenities: The facility may feature amenities such as a reception area, conference rooms for client meetings or employee training, and staff break areas to enhance the working environment.
- Accessibility: The facility is strategically located for accessibility, ensuring convenience for clients, suppliers, and employees.
- Compliance: The facility adheres to all relevant safety and regulatory standards, creating a secure and compliant workspace.
- Expansion potential: With a built-up area of 2,400 square feet, there may be potential for future expansion or the addition of new services within the existing facility.
- The office is located in Dewas Naka.
Capitalization Overview
- It is a sole proprietorship.
- The business is funded by the owner and the revenue generated by the business.
- The business is debt-free.
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