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Small Mobile Apps Company Investment Opportunity in New York, United States

Status Reporting and Project Management Mobile Application for CXOs.
- New York City company seeking $450,000 for acquiring a software company ( Code name: Cluster ) which has built a successful simplified status reporting tool. - The mobile app solves an enormous problem for people in all walks of life – executives, money managers, scientists, educators, accountants, lawyers and consultants. - Cluster has 200 customers paying each month to use the product. They love it and say it saves them any hours each week. And what is needed is a brilliant marketing plan and superb execution and to that end, I have brought together a skilled team. - The complexity of locating what each player emailed last time, or the spreadsheets that one of the players shared last time is removed by the Cluster mobile app which clusters all previous emails and spreadsheets and creates what the founder called a “’simplified status-reporting tool. ” - The early adopters are from medium-sized businesses and universities all the way up to giants such as Amgen Corp ( Revenues $21B and Market Cap $121 B, Douglas Elliman ( One of New York City’s largest real estate brokerage firms, the City of Tulsa, OK and Zeus Scientific ( a leading manufacturer of clinical diagnostic instruments ) among several hundred others. - We plan to license Cluster to several software resellers in a handful of vertical markets. We studied the customer list in exhaustive detail, interviewing users as well as the handful of customers who terminated their relationship with Cluster, Inc. Here are a few irrefutable observations:  Those customers who are using it every day, are serious proselytizers for the product.  The customers are from every vertical market, every profession, and the school market.  The customers are located in 19 states plus Canada and in three foreign countries.  The customers’ number of employees range from 10 to 10,000; the median size is 275. The industries that are most heavily represented in Cluster’s customer list are Information, Healthcare, Medical Instruments, Real Estate, Hospitality, Government, Accounting, Entertainment, Financial Services, Food & Beverages and Packaging & Containers.
7.6   New York , United States
Run Rate Sales
USD 36 thousand
Operating at break even
Financial Investment
USD 450 thousand for 17% stake
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