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Newly Established Education Portal Investment Opportunity in Scottsdale, United States

Accredited, NCAA Certified Online High School platform preparing International Students to join America's Top Universities.
- US based Fully Accredited and NCAA Certified Online High School for International Students who want to attend one of America's Top Universities. - Academy provides 6 course disciplines; Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences, Standard Academic Path, English, Advanced Academic Path, Advanced Placement Courses, SAT Prep courses as well as a wide range of elective courses such as foreign languages, digital technology, journalism, art, history and others. - Our academic curriculum is accredited by AdvancED, The Southern Association of Schools and Colleges, Middle States Association, North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, Northwest Association of Accredited Schools and Western Association of Schools and Colleges. "America's Top Accrediting Organizations" - Our NCAA certified curriculum also makes student athletes eligible for Athletic Scholarship Opportunities that could lead student athletes to FREE University Education for participating in their specialized sport at their given University, which includes Tuition, Housing, and Meals FREE on a Athletic Scholarship. - 97 students are pre-registered for the year 2019-2020. - Promoter has 10 years of experience in this related field, and in Media Marketing, TV, Radio, Print, Digital and Social Media Marketing / Advertising.
8.4   Scottsdale , United States
Run Rate Sales
USD 995 thousand
30 %
Financial Investment
USD 250 thousand for 25% stake
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Newly Established Medical Software Company Investment Opportunity in Columbus, United States

Company offers solution connecting healthcare agencies with healthcare professionals, serving more than 5 agencies.
- Newly established company having developed a software which connects healthcare agencies and healthcare professionals. - Healthcare Agencies: It helps healthcare agencies to verify on boarding and schedule of employees. Basically it is a SaaS platform which helps agencies track employee performance data, employee records, appraisal chart and also helps track patient visits. We have a monthly subscription plans for agencies- Basic, Delux, Premium, Professional. Have 5 agencies registered with us. - Healthcare professionals / Caregivers: We have developed a mobile app for caregivers which has more than 100 downloads. Caregivers can instantly access jobs posted by agencies. They can choose patient visits based on their skills and schedule. They can track and get instant payments from agencies directly to their account based on the job they choose. Have more than 100 healthcare professional registered with us. - We have a team of 50 in India that do all the coding and programming. We have a manager who handles the operations there and we always talk on Skype and share screen to see project's progress level. - Promoter has over 10 years of IT experience.
8.0   Columbus , United States
Run Rate Sales
USD 14.4 thousand
7 %
Financial Investment
USD 50 thousand for 20% stake
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