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Food Processing Company for Sale in Johor, Malaysia

Producer and manufacturer of premium brand food & lifestyle products with distribution and retail capabilities.
- We produce and manufacture food products and supply to premium supermarkets, hotels, restaurants & cafés in the APAC region. - Also sell our products online through Lazada and we are expanding to make our products available on Shopee too. - Company is 100% foreign owned and can retain its foreign ownership without necessity to obtain approvals from relevant authorities, thereby saving valuable time, effort and costs. - Holds several active licenses attributable to its manufacturing operations, as well as numerous accreditation. - Also, own several intellectual property rights of the brand names in several territories such as Singapore, Malaysia, USA. - Ongoing concern, operational and active with long-term stable blue-chip clientele, that are receptive to innovation allowing quick business growth. - Long term business relationships and contracts with numerous high end hotels, resorts and theme parks across Malaysia, Singapore and expanding to other areas. - Extensive listings in premium supermarkets in Malaysia and Singapore. - Have also been listed for several years with the largest distributors in Singapore, Malaysia with a newly established distribution in Vietnam. - An ideal and ready vehicle for a foreign entity seeking to establish themselves in Malaysia. - Also appropriate for a local company aspiring to expand into the business of producing, supplying & distributing a niche range of exclusive & established house brand of food products.
8.6   Johor
Run Rate Sales
USD 480 thousand
15 %
Full Sale
USD 600 thousand
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Training Institute Franchise Opportunity

Atrium School Of Design, Established in 2018, 1 Franchisee currently
  • 60+ Page Views
  • 20+ Investor Views
Atrium School of Design was initiated by three architects. The Academics in Kerala had a huge gap between the industry. Today's education system lacks practical knowledge in what they study. We initiated a whole new training concept and we have a line of projects which includes, residential and commercial, interior and exterior. We have a great team of civil engineers, mechanical engineers, interior designers and architects to guide through. Our job oriented training makes our students industry ready. We design and execute exquisite residential and commercial interior projects all around the globe. Custom-made interior is the best way to capture client requirements. Atrium interiors is distinct with its unique design and most modern features. Here comes the concept that differentiates us from the rest: A student enrolled in Atrium school of design is a part of Atrium interiors too. Students may start their own interior design office anywhere around the globe and Atrium interiors will execute the design or the fit out with the students, which gives students immense confidence to kick start their career. Students in Atrium are considered as project partners and profit is divided accordingly. A win-win situation for the franchise and the students!!
  Looking to expand in Malaysia , Johor
Expected Monthly Sales
USD 9 thousand
Space Required
1500 - 7000 Sq Ft
Investment Required
USD 30.4 - 144.6 thousand
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Education Support Franchise Opportunity

Verbatoria, Established in 2014, 70 Franchisees currently
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Newest US-origin neuro-technologies allow objectively measure brain inborn specifics if there is a strong analytical or creative mind, music or sport genius, leadership or emotional intellegence level, and more. Thus reinvent the way we teach and develop our children; attract, select, and retain talents in our companies. 70+ Verbatoria Talent Quotient offices in 10 countries every month evaluate hundreds of children with respect to their inborn abilities in math, music, creativity, languages, sport, empathy, and leadership potential. We measure brain activity during simple tests. Tests are designed by neuropshycologiests to activate dedicated brain zones, each responsible for one of the key talents. After testing clients receive a comprehensive report with talent scores, strong and weak areas. Once made results do not change over the lifetime. For corporates we have Verbatoria NeuroMetric product leverages the same neuroscience and AI algorithms to uncover candidates that closely match organization's top performers. Through user-friendly simple test and brain response on them, we measure attributes that better and more fairly predicts a candidate's success. We provide our services on SaaS model: you conduct initial tests, collects raw data, send it to our server and recieve the report. Looking to sign up franchise partners, schools and corporates around the world to sell or use our services in their daily activities.
  Looking to expand in Malaysia , Johor
Expected Monthly Sales
USD 8.5 thousand
Space Required
130 - 150 Sq Ft
Investment Required
USD 10 - 15 thousand
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