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Business Investment Opportunities in Nyíregyháza

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Industrial Machinery Company Investment Opportunity in Nyíregyháza, Hungary

Metal wire production machinery manufacturing business in Nyíregyháza, selling 8 machines/year, seeking investment for expansion.
The company specializes in the manufacturing of metal wire production, spinning, and bending machines, located in Nyíregyháza. - These machines are used for bending, cutting, and winding wire ends. - Primarily sold to industrial clients involved in wire production and supply. - An average of 8 machines are sold every year at a selling price of EUR 44,000 per machine. - In addition to machine sales, the company also undertakes small-scale projects for the installation and renovation of fences, serving around 8 farm owner clients.
6.2   Nyíregyháza
Run Rate Sales
USD 180 thousand
35 %
Financial Investment
USD 150 K for 20%
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Industrial Business Investment Opportunity in Hungary

Patented hunting gear developer and manufacturer in Hungary seeks investment.
Message to potential investors: If you want to be part of a team that has big elaborate plans and innovations on the world market, please take a detailed look at our profile. We are patent holders in the hunting equipment sector. Another additional innovation is patent pending. We have an equipped semi-automated production that is 90 percent ready to start production. Our production capacity is 5,000 units/month having revenue of 750,000 USD. Founders of the project: A) Director - 30 years of experience in research and development of special hunting and military equipment. B) Automation engineer - project manager with 25 years of experience. C) Sales leader - Online business sales expert with 21 years of professional experience. D) Lawyer with 30 years of experience. E) Experienced logistics manager. - We are the owners of innovation from the hunting sector, which is in the process of patenting and has design protection as well. - The product was created on the basis of more than 30 years of professional experience, research, and development. - The product is revolutionary in the field of carrying and using a hunting rifle in all hunting conditions with the possibility of the modular upgrade of the platform itself. - We will also offer licenses, production rights, and instructions for other regions, areas, and territories to maximize revenue. - The size of the EU and USA market is nearly 30 million active hunters and there is a possibility for very stable and strong capital growth. - One of the co-founders is an inventor who worked in army gear and equipment production for 35 years. - Developed and protected 2 innovations in the hunting industry with huge potential. - The company has 5 shareholders in a 25:16.5:8.25:8.25:38 shareholding split. - The company was established 20 years ago but we have been in product research and development. We will soon commence production. - One of the owners who is handling this transaction travels frequently between Hungary and Serbia. They can be easily reached by call or WhatsApp on their Serbian number. - No loans in the name of the company.
Patented hunting gear developer and manufacturer in Hungary seeks investment.
6.9   Hungary
Run Rate Sales
Financial Investment
USD 160 K for 10%
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Profitable Industrial Machinery Business Investment Opportunity in Europe

Production of machines for industries such as food, chemical, cosmetics and pharma. Ecological and energy solutions.
Our facility has successfully implemented ISO 9001:2008 and production standard fully comply with BDS EN ISO 9001:2008. Our facility and brand posses unique government technical classificators that makes possible for us to produce fully approved by European Union machines and with it to not just make a machines, but build new factories and with it to allow our customers to built their own successful businesses.
Production of machines for industries such as food, chemical, cosmetics and pharma. Ecological and energy solutions.
7.8   Europe
Run Rate Sales
USD 900 thousand
70 %
Financial Investment
USD 2.2 Mn for 10%
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