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Medical Tourism Business Assets for Rent in Budva, Montenegro

Digital healthcare platform that connects patients with pre-qualified healthcare providers using built-in ML/human intelligence system.
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Ownership Duration 1-5 year(s)
Industries Healthcare Portal + 1 more
Locations  Budva
Local Time 3:31 AM Europe / Podgorica
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Status Active
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Asking Price: USD 21 thousand (Native Currency: EUR 20,000)
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Company has developed patient-centric global telehealth and medical tourism solution. Our goal is to break free from the inherently biased paradigm of the profit-obsessed healthcare industry that is driven by lobbying power and advertisement budgets of big pharma and large medical centers. We aim to bring to patients the very tool that empowers them to make well-educated independent choices related to their health and well-being.
The patient has an option to select from the multitude of pre-qualified healthcare providers listed on our platform or utilize the capabilities of the platform’s built-in hybrid ML/human intelligence system, which, in response to the patient’s request, provides a set of custom-tailored options chosen from the multitude of online and offline solutions, provided by healthcare providers in patient’s city and country or overseas.
Service requests from patients are being processed in an automatic mode by healthcare service providers and relevant third-party service providers. Our platform offers a selection of treatment packages based on a set of pre-determined criteria (price/localization/coordination of insurance market operators, etc. ) with a single purpose – to provide offers for high-quality health services at optimal cost in a short time and in a convenient location. The platform supports automated onboarding of patients and service providers, supports ratings, and offers curated services.
Healthcare portal operators can consider taking up a license for our platform, which offers a fully unique & agile project for integration. The platform will add some certain flexibility to the project shareholders in terms of the new pre-qualified healthcare providers' categories implementation and fast go to market strategy.
The platform can be used to run an e-health portal in any country even with a limited list of healthcare providers (for ex. Wellbeing & SPA only or dermatologist or psychologist or hypnotherapists).
The full services support include:
- Communication vis Messenger;
- On/off-site meeting appointment;
- Video consultation;
- Paid subscriptions;
- Search - agile functionality with geolocation tracking.
Project (pages and modules):
* Web portal (pages and modules):
Main area: Index, search by params, search by map and location, service provider profile (preview, news, feedbacks, send questions, appoint meetings, appoint online consultations), create request (wish\treatment), portal news, FAQ, about, contacts, etc.
* Client area (patient): Dashboard, appointments, online consultations, treatments, private dialogues, schedule, my feedback, bookmarks, technical support, profile.
* Partner area (Doctor, medical center, spa, clinical trials, diagnostics): Dashboard, appointments, online consultations, treatments, search treatments, clients, private dialogues, schedule, my feedback, technical support, reports, settings, company settings, personal profile.
* Support area: Dashboard, tickets, feedback, comments approval, clients, pending approval, partners approval, treatment approval, categories approval, profile.
* Manager area: Dashboard, tickets, partners approval, clients, supports, profile.
* Admin area: Dashboard, tickets, clients, employees, categories, new, profile.
* Platform engine\web portal:
- Mail sender.
- Background tasks queue and scheduler.
- Authorization’s module Auth2.
- Users and roles management.
- Chats.
- Video.
- Platform notifications engine.
- Translations.
- Security module.
- Autocompletion.
- Search engine.
- Geo locations.
The project is developed using the following stack of technologies and services:
• C#. Net Core, ADO. NET and Entity Framework.
• HTML, CSS, JS, TS, Angular2+ (11)
• WebRTC (Peer-to-Peer video consultations)
• Pusher for push notifications.
• G-Suite (G-Maps)
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Disclaimer: SMERGERS is a regulated marketplace for connecting business sell sides with investors, buyers, lenders and advisors. Neither SMERGERS represents nor guarantees that the information mentioned above is complete or correct.
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