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Profitable Fabric Dyeing Company Seeking Loan in Monticello, United States

Company that creates high fashion fibre blends for fashion brands like Loro Piana seeks funds.

Established 10-20 year(s)
Employees 2 - 5
Legal Entity Limited Liability Company (LLC)
Reported Sales USD 85 thousand
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin 40 %
Industries Fabric Dyeing + 1 more
Locations  Monticello
Local Time 12:22 PM America / New York
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Status Moderately Active
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USD 300 thousand for Undisclosed annual interest, Undisclosed year (Native Currency: USD 300,000)
Collateral Available: USD 490 thousand
Includes physical assets worth USD 490 thousand
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Business Overview

- We are a custom worsted top maker for high-value fibre creations using repurposed commercial textile machines. Our custom yarns and thread are alive with possibilities.

- From 2012 to 2017 we perfected our craft in worsted top making and developed unique blends of domestic fibres like yak, angora, etc. in combination with our domestic 18.2-micron Rambouillet wool top.

- Between 2017 and 2018 we acquired from KentWool a commercial servo drafter that was innovated to become a duo blending machine so we could blend protein fibres, cellulose fibres and man-made fibres.

- The blend we created of Seacell fibre (seaweed), Pearl fibre (sea shells) and faux cashmere nylon was showcased at the Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool festival in 2019 and it is a hyper allergenic fibre blend.

- At our first entry at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, we introduced our blend of 14.5-micron merino and brown yak and a fibre artist spun that blend into yarn and won that year's competition for a handspun yarn.

- Textile manufacturing especially worsted top making and blending required us to spend our first 5 years learning and modifying our commercial textile machines and we had previously spent 5 years before 2012 researching and engaging a textile engineer for our mill. First, we had to research, then engage a textile engineer, then receive and set up our machines, then learn by doing with 6 months of instruction from our textile engineer, and then begin the proving of our process. We created yarn from our herd of Alpacas called Chiri Cloud 80's that we made into a worsted top, 3/18 weaving yarn and handwoven scarves and shawls and we made and make domestic 18.2-micron Rambouillet wool top, yarn and handwoven scarves and shawls.

- As we learned about how machines worked we discovered we could preserve the elasticity and memory of the fibres so that all our worsted tops are easy to hand spin and create smooth, even and cool yarns.

- Next came creating blends of fibres that play well together. This is based on our scientific research as well as the simple rules of attraction.

- In 2019 at the Rhinebeck Sheep & Wool Festival we were ready to expand into our custom processing of worsted tops to yarns and creating our own yarn lines but then Covid lockdowns hit. In order for customers (we had over 60 orders throughout the US) to see feel and work with us, we were denied the ability to have that interaction just as we had finished our proving.

- Our Rambouillet top is used in a lot of our blends and it adds loft, elasticity and a cool smooth hand at a blend rate of 10% to 20% it can generate over $300k in revenue but we have other blends that others cannot make that were all sellouts.

- As a micro commercial textile top making and blending mill, we are a part of a local and regional US-based textile manufacturing infrastructure. We know where the vintage commercial textile machines are and our first project, after getting reset in Florida, is a micro commercial spinning mill.

- Textile processing is both a mechanical form of production and art.

- We need assistance to move our mill and create a textile manufacturing infrastructure that is local, has low energy debt and can spark increased income for fibre artists and the fibre community.

- The three tenets of civilization - Ag Land - Timberland - Manufacturing in the USA.

Products & Services Overview

We create custom fibre blends from our own made worsted top - 18.2-micron domestic Rambouillet wool.

We blend 14.5 Merino with different coloured yak.

We blend Angora Rabbit with our Rambouillet which creates a bouncy lofty top and yarn.

Our blends of BFL wool and our Rambo just fly off the shelf.

The blends of 18.5 Merino and the cellulose fibres like rose, mint, pearl and others sell out super fast.

The blends of seacel, pearl and faux cashmere nylon were proposed for the creation of masks that are totally healthy.

We also do blends with silks and wool and many many others. We just need a new home where humidity is our friend (Florida).

As an L3C we are committed to education and support of the overall fibre arts community.

We offer consultation for those that want to start their own textile manufacturing business that is local and community-based.

Our goal is to make products that are heirloom, perform consistently over time and do not have an expiration date.

Assets Overview

NSC GN6 pin drafter, NSC PB28 comber, Warner Swasey M5730 servo-drafter/duo blender, 60" custom card, 24" custom picker, Gardner Denver hospital grade compressor, Crown Walkie forklift, dust collection systems (3), wire racks, over 3,000 lbs of scoured Rambouillet wool, 60 lbs of raw chiri cloud 80's fleeces, BFL both oatmeal and brown/yak/angora/seacell/pearl/mint/rose/hemp/ faux nylon and other smaller units below 10kg.

Facilities Overview

We will be leasing a 4,000 sq ft building in Monticello that will meet our needs for the next 3 to 5 years and are looking at a vacant Freds Discount building in town that is 14,000 sq ft that would house us a micro commercial spinning mill, educational space and room for a weaving and knitting mill.

The building will be climate controlled and have a loft space for our picker machine and chute with ample space for our NSC Pindrafter, NSC Comber, Warner Swasey servo drafter/duo blender and 60" custom-built card ($360K). Plus our compressor, tools, walkie forklift and racking.

We will have a loading dock with an airlock from the production space and ~1.200 sq ft of office and classroom space.

Capitalization Overview
Not Disclosed
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