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Medical Device Business Assets for Sale in Ajman, United Arab Emirates

Complete medical assets for investors to fast-track the start or expansion of their medical business.
This Business is on a Premium Plan
Ownership Duration 5-10 year(s)
Industries Medical Devices
Locations  Ajman
Local Time 2:54 AM Asia / Dubai
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Status Active
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Asset Sale
Asking Price: USD 75 thousand (Native Currency: AED 275,000)
Reason: - The PE wing of our firm decided to exit the healthcare sector within the UAE and is now looking to... View More
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Assets Description

Clinical Asset List:

A) SG healthcare general x-ray machine.


SG General is a productive efficient solution for daily clinical practice. The combination of space-saving upright stands, and floor-mounted and floating tables are designed for high-quality performance with minimum investment. SG General provides fast-easy workflow, advanced images, and high reliability for all radiology needs.

Technical Specs:

- Agfa drystar printer.

- LED monitor 19MB 15T 19” touch.

- HP prodesk 400 G4, 7 gen.

- Firecr flash-70 CR reader.

- Quantormed imaging software.

- AP/Vatl velcro adjust apron t-lite.

- UF543300, thyroid shield; litelead, 0.5mm.

- Royal blueuf723401, gonad shield litelead, adult, 1.0mm, Model: JOMUNG.

Year Purchased: 5 years ago.

Condition: New (Never been used)

B) Orthodontic dental chair with compressor machine.

Year Purchased: 5 years ago.

Condition: Good condition.

C) Helmer plasma fridge.


- The HPF120 is a single-door horizon series plasma freezer with a 360 plasma box capacity. It offers a temperature controller with alarm/monitor, superior temperature uniformity, and superior cabinet construction.

- Temperature controller with alarm/monitor system provides protection of stored products Powerful refrigeration system provides maximum temperature uniformity and quick recovery Superior cabinet built with high-quality construction meets or exceeds performance standards required by the medical and scientific industries.

Technical Specs:


Year Purchased: 2016.

Condition: New (Never been used)

Edan mobile ultrasound unit with a 14” screen and with a Sony printer.


12.1″ TFT-LCD monitor, two active and exchangeable connectors. Backlit, easy-to-use control panel with multiple peripheral ports. PW Doppler supplies more hemodynamics information, five-frequency transducers increase versatility, and phase Inversion Harmonic Imaging provides best-in-class image quality. Intelligent 8-segment TGC for precise adjustment, multi-format data transfer via USB and DICOM, and multiple-pseudo-color options enhance image presentation. One-touch image optimization via smart image processing key. Also has user-defined settings for personalized use Abdomen, Obstetrics, Gynaecology, Endovaginally, Small Parts, Musculoskeletal, Vascular, Urology, Endorectal, and Paediatrics. The DUS 60 provides outstanding performance for general imaging with two hours of battery-powered operation.

Technical Specs.

Model: DUS60.

Year Purchased: 5 years ago.

Condition: Good condition.

D) Non-Clinical Asset List.

1. Adult medical examination beds - quantity x9.

2. IV stands - quantity x11.

3, Desktop computers - quantity x10.

4. CCTV – HKVISION camera's with night vision with recording receiver and with remote accessibility (required for licensure purposes and police clearance) - quantity x24.

5. Patient waiting chair/benches. Seating capacity (18) - quantity x6.

6. Medical waste bins - quantity x2.

7. Medical equipment cabinet- quantity x2.

8. Samsung split air conditioning units (2 tons) - quantity x3.

9. Samsung split air conditioning units (1.5 tons) - quantity x4.

10. Westpoint split air conditioning unit (1.5 tons) - quantity x2.

11. Infant weighing scale - quantity x1.

12. Adult weighing scale- quantity x1.

13. Mercury sphygmomanometer - quantity x3.

14. Electronic sphygmomanometer - quantity x3.

15. Suturing equipment (tissue scissors, foreceps, bone nibbler, suture holders, kidney trays) - quantity x15.

16. Dental disposables.

17. MOCOM dry autoclave unit - Quantity x1.

18. POC kit for HbA1c - quantity x10.

19. COVID-19 POC kits - quantity x25.

20. POC glucometers - quantity x2.

21. POC pregnancy tests - quantity x30.

22. Reception filing system - quantity x1.

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Disclaimer: SMERGERS is a regulated marketplace for connecting business sell sides with investors, buyers, lenders and advisors. Neither SMERGERS represents nor guarantees that the information mentioned above is complete or correct.
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