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I don’t want my Business details to be shown online. Can I use SMERGERS?

You have the following three options:

1) Any profile you create is a “no name teaser” i.e. the public profile will not display your business name or logo or address or website. So there is no need to worry about disclosure of your business' identity.

2) Only post introduction is your business' name disclosed to introduced members. But if you wish not to disclose even post the introduction, you can choose the option of not disclosing it at the time of profile creation. For further details, you can refer to

3) If you want to keep even the "no name" profile details private, you can choose to create a “Private Profile” where the profile is visible to only those investors, buyers, lenders and advisors to whom you send a proposal. For creating private profiles, we charge a fee which can be subscribed to at the time of profile creation. For further details refer to

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