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Payment Services Company Investment Opportunity in Kolkata, India

Seeking Investment: Neo-banking startup to facilitate UPI payment in real-time across global currencies.
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Established 5-10 year(s)
Employees 10 - 50
Legal Entity Private Limited Company
Reported Sales Nil
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin Nil
Industries Payment Services
Locations  Kolkata
Local Time 9:50 PM Asia / Kolkata
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Status Moderately Active
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Partial Stake Sale
USD 600 thousand for 5.0% stake (Native Currency: INR 50,000,000)
Reason: Investment is needed to fund the App under development, and open offices in UAE and Singapore for ma... View More
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Business Overview

What we are:

A multi-national currency cross-border payment system and neo-bank with no physical branches, offering real-time global settlement in multiple currencies. It serves as a UPI aggregator and collaborates with major banks, payment partners, and card brands. They use a secured token offering and provide multiple banking apps for seamless payments.

A multi-national currency cross-border payment system enables real-time currency exchange and settlement for individuals and businesses across different countries. It offers instant currency conversion, and compliance with international regulations, and empowers users in global finance and trade.

Business is yet to kick-start operations. Not required to be registered under SEBI.

Revenue model for our multi-national currency cross-border payments system:

1. Transaction fees: Charge a small percentage or a flat fee on each transaction conducted through the platform.

2. Merchant services: Earn fees from businesses for payment processing, POS systems, and e-commerce integrations.

3. Subscription plans: Offer premium or subscription-based plans for individual users and businesses, providing added features for a fee.

4. Interchange fees: Earn a portion of the interchange fees paid by merchants' banks for processing card transactions.

5. Currency conversion fees: Charge fees or markups on foreign exchange rates for international transactions and currency conversion.

6. Lending and credit services: Offer lending and credit products, earning interest and fees.

7. Investment and wealth management: Provide investment and wealth management services, earning fees based on assets under management and transaction fees.

8. Data monetization: Analyze transaction data and user behaviour, monetizing data by selling aggregated and anonymized information to third parties.

9. Partnerships and affiliates: Earn referral fees or commissions through partnerships with other businesses.

10. API access fees: Offer APIs for integration and charge usage-based fees or licensing fees.

11. Cross-selling financial products: Cross-sell other financial products like insurance or prepaid cards, earning commissions or fees.

12. Ad revenue: Display advertisements within the platform and earn revenue from advertisers.


A neobank, or digital bank, is a fintech company that operates solely online or through mobile apps, lacking physical branches. Neobanks focus on enhancing customer experiences by leveraging technology to streamline operations, lower costs, and offer a wide range of financial services. They often target specific niches or customer segments and can collaborate with traditional financial institutions. Key characteristics include:

- Online-only operation.

- Technological emphasis on convenience and efficiency.

- Services like savings accounts, payment processing, lending, and budgeting tools.

- Accessibility, user-friendly interfaces.

Revenue model for our neo-bank:

1. Net interest margin (NIM): Generate revenue by lending deposits held in customer accounts, earning interest on loans.

2. Lending services: Offer personal loans, consumer credit, or small business loans and earn revenue from interest rates and associated fees.

3. Deposit fees: Charge fees for specific services like overdraft protection, wire transfers, or expedited card replacement.

4. Subscription plans: Provide premium or subscription-based plans with added features for a fee.

5. Card issuance and usage fees: Earn fees from card issuance, usage fees, and foreign exchange fees.

6. Merchant services: Offer payment processing and POS solutions to businesses and charge fees.

7. Investment services: Offer investment products and earn revenue through trading commissions and asset management fees.

8. Currency conversion fees: Charge fees or apply a markup on foreign exchange rates.

9. Partner commissions: Earn commissions for facilitating partnerships with fintech companies.

10. Cross-selling financial products: Promote and sell other financial products and earn commissions or referral fees.

11. Data monetization: Analyze customer transaction data and provide insights to businesses, generating revenue.

12. Affiliate marketing: Participate in affiliate marketing programs and earn commissions for referrals.

13. Interchange fees: Earn a portion of the interchange fees paid by merchants for processing card transactions.

14. ATM access fees: Charge fees for ATM cash withdrawals at out-of-network ATMs.

Products & Services Overview

The business is a service industry catering to all online payment customers across the globe to facilitate real-time UPI payments spread across all currencies and also a Neo banking entity to promote them as a UPI aggregator and also payment and credit card aggregator, with a mechanism to use funding from any dank or card realtime across the globe. Various other pioneering features besides interests in a secured token offering.

Assets Overview

The business has no significant physical assets.

Facilities Overview

- Location: Tech incubation centre, Kolkata, West Bengal.

- Government support: The facility is provided free of cost by the government.

Capitalization Overview

Total investment is INR 25.50 million.

The total no of shareholders is 2 with a 99-1 split.

Loan outstanding INR 2 million.

Recent Activity
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Disclaimer: SMERGERS is a regulated marketplace for connecting business sell sides with investors, buyers, lenders and advisors. Neither SMERGERS represents nor guarantees that the information mentioned above is complete or correct.
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