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What are the professional services you provide for businesses?

SMERGERS believes in direct communication between businesses and prospective investors/acquirers as most deals which close successfully are based on the relationship which the parties develop during such interactions. Nevertheless, there are several ancillary services which would provide a professional approach to such transactions. Under the professional plan, SMERGERS assists you with the below services:

1. SMERGERS works with you to build a business valuation model with financial projections. To know more about the process please refer to: Process of creating a business valuation.

2. SMERGERS helps you create a Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) document highlighting your business. To know more about the same, please refer to: What is a CIM.

3. SMERGERS conducts promotional marketing of your business through targeted emails. To know more about the same, please refer to: How to check promotions by SMERGERS?

4. SMERGERS assigns an Account Manager who acts as your single point of contact for any discussions and clarifications. To know more about the roles and responsibilities of the account manager, please refer to: Roles & Responsibilities of an Account Manager.

5. Your profile is showcased as Premium Profile on SMERGERS with unlimited proposal credits and a validity of one year. To know more about proposal credits, please refer to: What is a proposal credit?

Kindly note, even under the professional plan, once an introduction has been made it is up to the business to take the discussions forward with prospective investors/acquirers and these documents are only meant to be assistive in the course of such interactions. 

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