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7 Common Mistakes by Business Owners seeking Sale/Investment
How to Sell a Running Business?
How to Sell Part of Your Business
How to Find Companies For Sale
How Much is a Business Worth?
Business Brokers - Who they are and what do they do?
How Can I Buy a Business?
How to Sell Your Business Quickly?
Tax Implications of Selling a Business
How to Franchise your Business
How to Start a Franchise Business
How To Sell an E-Commerce Business
How to Start a Business and Run it Profitably
20 Questions You Need To Ask Before Buying a Business
12 Sure Shot Ways to Maximize the Value of Your Business
Business Owner's Guide to M&A and its 12 Important Jargons
Entrepreneur's Guide to Raising Finance for Business Acquisition and Funding Initial Cash Flow
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Personal Loan: Is It A Good Idea For Your Business?
How To Exit From Your Startup Investment
The impact of COVID-19 on small and medium businesses
7 Must-Know Checks Before Purchasing a Restaurant
The Rise of Intangibles Assets and How to Value Them


SMERGERS at Profit Mantras for Businesses - Organized by FISME and KCCI
SMERGERS presentation on PE financing, M&A and Valuation in Chandigarh
Alternative Financing Fintech Landscape on iamwire - SMERGERS' View
Silicon India names SMERGERS as Brand of the Year 2015 in Investment Banking Platform Category
SME Finance Forum - For the World's 460 Million SMEs, FinTech Firm SMERGERS to Become a One-stop Investment Bank
SMERGERS Co-Founder Vishal Devanath’s Interview with Bharat Go Digital
SMERGERS awarded 20 Most Promising Banking Solution Companies in India 2016
SMERGERS at Digital Summit For Local Business 2017, Organized by AskLaila
SMERGERS at VJIM's Silver Jubilee Lecture Series
SMERGERS at Welingkar's Round Table Conference on Valuation
SMERGERS partners with YourStory and MSME Ministry for Brands of India Awards 2019
SMERGERS partners with I-Deals network for Business Valuation summit in Bengaluru
SMERGERS shortlisted as an innovative fintech startup at PICUP Fintech 2019 organized by FICCI
SMERGERS receives Economic Times Best BFSI Brand Award 2019
Valuation Training with Professor Aswath Damodaran in Singapore organized by I-Deals sponsored by SMERGERS
SMERGERS invited as a key speaker at JITO Jain Business Network 360 Bangalore 2019
SMERGERS interview discussing COVID-19's effect featured on Startup.info
Valuation Masterclass: Learn from Aswath Damodaran
CNBC TV18 - Vishal Devanath, CEO, SMERGERS article on alternative investment ideas: How can you put your money to work?
Dataquest - SMERGERS article on how to find the best businesses for sale this year?
Yahoo Finance - Leveraging online resources and marketplaces such as SMERGERS - Buying a Business: 6 Steps to Value and Buy a Small Business That’s for Sale
News 18 - SMERGERS article on alternative investments - FD, पेंशन स्कीम, म्यूचुअल फंड और शेयर बाजार की बजाय इन 6 जगहों पर लगाएं पैसा, होंगे मालामाल
Economic Times - SMERGERS coverage in article on small businesses which are struggling to stay afloat in the second wave
Financial Express - SMERGERS view - CLCSS: Small businesses supported in FY21 under technology upgradation scheme highest in five years
Hindu Business Line - SMERGERS data covered - Up for sale: At least 1,200 Covid-hit small businesses looking for exit route
Financial Express - SMERGERS article on MSME schemes 2020: What was announced, what was utilised, and what is needed in 2021
New Indian Express - SMERGERS view published - Small business carnage: 4,900 Covid-hit MSME firms up for sale, figures double up in second wave
Millennium Post - SMERGERS shares information on MSMEs that are up for sale as a result of Covid-19
Hindu Business Line - Closure of Hyatt Mumbai due to mounting debt and pandemic - SMERGERS shares stats on hotels for sale in the country
Times of India - SMERGERS offers insights on favourable valuations attracting senior executives to invest in small businesses.
Hindu Business Line - SMERGERS reports a 40 percent increase in business listings related to the luggage industry
YourStory - Bangalore-based SMERGERS, serving the online financial services market, is a technology platform that connects businesses and investors across the globe
Economic Times - Bangalore-based online marketplace for small and medium businesses matches profiles with algorithms, filters and ratings
SME Times - SMERGERS assisting SMEs for Mergers & Acquisitions of firms
Deal Street Asia - Nimit Finance buys 50% stake in Gujarat based Avity Agrotech via SMERGERS
Crazy Engineers - In an exclusive interview with CrazyEngineers, Vishal Devanath talks about SMERGERS
Economic Times - Buyer interest in SME space has gone up post-Covid: Vishal Devanath, founder, SMERGERS
India Today Aspire - How to Bootstrap Your Start-Up? - Vishal Devanath, Founder, SMERGERS
Financial Express - Thousands of micro, small businesses are on sale right now
Business Today: SMERGRS has 70,000 pre-screened businesses along with investors from over 170 countries.
Business Today: HDFC Bank, Mastercard, USAID offer $100 mn credit facility to MSMEs and women entrepreneurs. SMERGERS shares data on business listings.
Hindu Business Line : Indian hospitality sector sees 17.5% hike in deployment of gross bank credit. SMERGERS showed that over 1,017 companies were listed in the travel, hotel, and restaurant industry segment
SMERGERS invited as an external observer at Christ (Deemed to be University) Finance Club’s Gnantmak Vividhtha event
New Indian Express - Vishal Devanath, CEO, SMERGERS article on Budget 2022 wishlist
SMERGERS partners with IIT Kharagpur Entrepreneurship Cell's Flagship program GES 2023 as a major sponsor
SMERGERS partners with Transformace to host an exciting M&A Conclave at Radisson MIDC, Mumbai.
M&A Conclave 2nd edition, organized by Transformace at Holiday Inn, New Delhi, had SMERGERS collaborating as Associate Partner.

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