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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Business Valuation?
Is SMERGERS an investment bank?
Is SMERGERS a ‘business for sale’ website?
Should I use SMERGERS instead of an advisor?
How can I contact you or meet you?
Why can’t I see the business’ name or contact number? How do I contact the business?
What level of due diligence does SMERGERS conduct on the businesses/member?
How active are the business profiles listed on SMERGERS?
How does SMERGERS rate business profiles?
Do I need to pay to connect with a business?
Why can’t I see the member’s name or contact number? How do I contact them?
How genuine are the investors/acquirers/lenders/advisors? Do you verify them?
How can I send my business proposal to an investor/buyer/lender/advisor?
How does SMERGERS rate member profiles?
Do I need to pay to connect with an investor/acquirer/lender/advisor?
What is a Business Profile?
Who can create a Business Profile?
What is the minimum criteria to register on SMERGERS?
Why am I being asked to provide Revenue, EBITDA margin and other confidential information?
I don’t want my Business details to be shown online. Can I use SMERGERS?
What is EBITDA margin? How do I calculate it?
How can I be sure about privacy and confidentiality?
Can I seek both Full Sale and Financial Investment for my business?
Isn’t partial stake sale the same as financial investment?
When should I choose Joint Venture Partnership?
How do I value my business?
Can I keep my business profile completely private?
What are the professional services you provide for businesses?
Which modes of payment do you accept?
After I create my business profile, what next?
How can I improve my profile and ratings?
How long it takes to get an introduction?
Where can I see how many members are viewing my profile?
What can I do get more investors/buyers/lenders connect with me?
Why has SMERGERS rejected connections of some members who have expressed interest to connect with me?
Can you give me the email address of all members who have viewed my profile?
Who can create a Member Profile?
I don’t want to reveal my company name / employment details on SMERGERS. How do I proceed?
Who gets to see my name and contact details?
Why should I provide an investment range? It depends on the business.
Can you define Fair Usage Policy (FUP) for unlimited plans?
After I create my investor/advisor/lender/advisor profile, what next?
Where can I see how many businesses are viewing my profile?
After I connect with a business, what next?
Why has SMERGERS rejected my connections?
How can I shortlist businesses?
How does SMERGERS match my criteria with businesses?
How can I shortlist investors/acquirers/lenders?
How does SMERGERS match my criteria with investors/acquirers/lenders/acquirers?
Why should I disclose my business' name?
Why should I register?
Why am I not able to register or login?
What happens after profile creation?
How can SMERGERS help me?
How can I avail your services?
What is stake? How do I calculate it?
Can businesses / investors from any country register on SMERGERS?
We are looking to sell or get investment for our business. What is the process?
How can I contact a business listed on SMERGERS?
What is a franchise profile?
What is a Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM)?
How long would it take to prepare a CIM by Team SMERGERS?
What is the cost of preparing a CIM?
Do you offer any discount on preparation of CIM?
What is the process of creating a CIM?
What are the common mistakes while preparing a CIM?
How long would it take to prepare a business valuation by Team SMERGERS?
What is the cost of preparing a business valuation?
Do you offer any discount on preparation of business valuation?
What is the process of creating a business valuation?
What do you mean by multiples in business valuation?
Should I even bother getting my business valuation done?
Do you have a business valuation calculator on SMERGERS website?
How should a real estate be valued when performing a valuation exercise?
How to sell my business quickly?
Who can help me sell my business?
Where do I find International business for sale?
Can I get a loan to buy a business?
Where can I advertise my business for sale?
Should I franchise my business?
How can I apply for small business loan?
How can I apply for startup business loan?
Should I buy a franchise?
How can I become a franchise owner?
How can I become an investor with little money?
How can I buy a business online?
How can I buy a local business?
How can I find closed businesses for sale?
Where can I advertise my business for sale for free?
How to invest in a private company?
Why should I consider franchise resale opportunities?
How can I franchise my business?
Is it a good idea to buy failing businesses for sale?
Who can buy my business?
How to buy online business?
Is buying and selling businesses for profit feasible?
How to find businesses that need investors?
How to find businesses for sale abroad?
How to evaluate business plan for buying an existing business?
Is it worth attending a franchise expo?
How to buy small business?
How to create a franchise business plan?
What are the best franchises for beginners?
What are the best franchise opportunities for small towns?
How to get a computer franchise?
Where can I find business broker listings?
Where can I find bankrupt business for sale?
What is the checklist for selling a business?
Should you buy an existing business or start a business from scratch?
What are some of the areas an SME business owner should focus on?
Why should a small business develop a business plan?
Where can I find an established online business for sale?
How to find companies that buy businesses?
What is business working capital loan?
How do I get started on SMERGERS?
I need to talk to somebody from SMERGERS before I create a profile. Can someone call me or can you provide your contact number?
What is "run rate sales" that I see on SMERGERS’ Business Profile?
How do I edit my profile to upload images and documents?
How do I sell my business on SMERGERS?
I am interested in buying a business on SMERGERS. How do I proceed?
How do I purchase a Franchise on SMERGERS?
I want to expand my business by finding franchise partners. How do I do that on SMERGERS?
I am a Business Broker / Financial Advisor. How can I use SMERGERS services which could benefit my clients?
Can I sell or lease out real estate on SMERGERS?
I am interested in a specific business / franchise that I saw on SMERGERS. How can I get in touch with them?
I have received an email from SMERGERS with a list of businesses for sale & buyers/investors. How do I get in touch with them?
How can I view the status of proposals sent on SMERGERS?
I was introduced to a Business / Investor on SMERGERS, however, they haven’t reached out to me yet? How do I proceed?
How to send an NDA through SMERGERS platform?
I had connected with a business / investor and had an initial discussion. However, there is no response now. What should I do?
How does the 1% finder’s fee work?
How do I access my invoice?
Is there a guarantee on deal closure if I register my business on SMERGERS?
How do I seek investment for my business on SMERGERS?
What are the benefits of subscribing to a paid plan on SMERGERS?
I already have a profile on SMERGERS and have a few questions. Can someone call me or can you provide your contact number?
Should I pay advance fees or token money for availing any investment or loan?
How to access my bookmarks?
How can I report issues?
I need help in navigating the website. Do you have a training guide?
I need SMERGERS’ Bank account details.
How do I pay using Stripe?
How successful has SMERGERS been in helping its users successfully close a deal?
Why was my profile rejected as 'Duplicate'?
Why is the status of my profile not LIVE?
Why aren't my introductions being automatically approved even though I am on a 'Paid' plan?
What is a proposal and how is it triggered?
How do I hide my details even post the introduction?
How do I apply for a business loan on SMERGERS?
Why was my profile edited by SMERGERS?
Why is profile listing date not disclosed on SMERGERS?
How do I upgrade?
How can SMERGERS help Business Advisors / Business Brokers?
Is my profile still visible in the EDITED mode?
Why some of my edits don’t reflect on the profile?
What does physical asset include?
Can I use the same subscription plan to connect with both businesses and investors?
How do I follow up on a proposal sent to an Investor/Buyer?
How does SMERGERS decide sorting order of profiles?
Where do I see contact details upon introduction?
Does the ordering of my profile change upon editing?
Do I need to pay to create a profile on SMERGERS?
Do I get the invetor's/buyer's contact details after subscribing for a plan?
How do I edit my profile?
How do I change my registered email address?
What should I do since I haven’t received enough introductions to successfully close the deal?
I have received several introductions but still unable to successfully close a deal. What should I do?
Why wasn’t an investor/buyer’s introduction approved who wanted to connect with me?
Can I send attachments through SMERGERS messaging system?
How long does it take to successfully close a deal on SMERGERS?
When would SMERGERS re-credit an introduction?
What formalities need to be completed post successful deal closure?
What should one do if a member or a business owner doesn’t respond post the introduction?
Why am I being asked to upgrade?
How should I proceed in case of a payment failure?
How do I close my profile?
How to update company name, tax number and other details in the invoice?
What is the traffic on
What are the roles & responsibilities of an Account Manager?
Does SMERGERS offer a discount on subscription plans?
How do I cancel an introduction?
Do you provide any analytics on my profile?
How do I utilize 1 free proposal credit on SMERGERS?
Why can't I browse SMERGERS website without registering?
How does SMERGERS recommend the valuation range for business?
How can I deduct Advance Tax/TDS for payment towards SMERGERS' services?
Do my credits get used if I accept a proposal?
How to check the 'Promotions by SMERGERS' as part of the paid plan?
A profile on SMERGERS seems to be of my company, but I haven't created one. How do I report such an issue?
How do I contact a business owner when no contact details are visible post introduction on the dashboard?
Do you have a sell side plan that allows me to list multiple businesses?
A profile which was previously available now says “Transaction has concluded”. What does this mean?
Who should register on SMERGERS?
Why haven't I heard from SMERGERS after submitting my profile?
How is the blue title on my business profile generated?
How is the pie chart on a member profile generated?
Why can't I change my business profile to a different business?
How to resubscribe to emails from SMERGERS?
How to archive introductions I'm no longer interested in?
How can I connect social media accounts to my SMERGERS account?
How does the 'Unlimited Proposals' plan on sell-side work?
How do I logout of your website?
How to accept a business proposal?
Why am I not receiving emails from SMERGERS?
What is 'SMERGERS'?
Will payment for a subscription plan be charged automatically on a recurring basis?
Can the valuation prepared by SMERGERS be treated as a regulatory valuation report?
How to change my personal profile picture?
Please explain the terms used in a Franchise profile
I have problems with the party I closed a deal with. What can I do?
What is the official email address mentioned in the profile used for?
How to use Bundle Plan credits to upgrade expired fast track profiles?
Can I display the logo and company name on my advisor profile?
How are notifications generated on my dashboard?
Is there an option to temporarily close my profile?